How to Customize WhatsApp Notification for Specific Contact: 5 Steps

Customize WhatsApp Notification

WhatsApp is still a popular chatting app for mobile, thanks for Facebook acquisition that influenced a huge number of the customer to join. The app itself is getting better over time despite its status as freeware. Interestingly, the app now supports customize notification settings for specific people or group. Hence, you can spot the difference when new messages coming from ordinary contact and very important contact.

Making a difference to specific contacts may help you to take a look at the messages that need more attention. In fact, I’m using this features and found it’s great for productivity. I can avoid an ‘ordinary’ messages and only take a phone when high-priority messages coming. Check out 5 steps to activate custom notifications for specific contacts on WhatsApp.

Customize WhatsApp Notification for Specific Contact

Step 1
Open whats app, head to Chats tab.

Customize WhatsApp Notification

Step 2
Select the contact that you want to customize the notification, tap the three-dots icon and select View Contact. You also able to tap on the name instead.

Customize WhatsApp Notification 2 - How to Customize WhatsApp Notification for Specific Contact: 5 Steps 4

Step 3
Select Custom Notifications.

Customize WhatsApp Notification


Step 4
Check the Use Custom Notifications box.

Customize WhatsApp Notification

Step 5
Customize the notifications style, either vibrate, silent, ringtone, LED light, and pop-up option.

Customize WhatsApp Notification

Please note if you activate notification sound settings, make sure the phone is not on silent or vibrate only mode. The notifications also only work when the WhatsApp running in the background, or at least you have been opened it once.

How to customize notifications for entire contact?

In case every single person on your WhatsApp account is an important entity, you can customize notifications all of them at once. In other words, making WhatsApp notifications be unique for other app alerts.

  1. Open WhatsApp
  2. Tap on the three-dots vertical icon
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select Notifications
  5. Set your desired notification for WhatsApp

Do the settings affected on WhatsApp web/desktop?

Unfortunately, no. Since the settings are only applied to the mobile device, there’s no way for desktop or web version to sync with a new notifications settings. Moreover, average desktop PC has no similar hardware configuration like phone, let’s say LED light and vibration.


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