How to Delete Facebook Search History in 5 Steps

Delete Facebook Search History

When you looking for someone’s account through Facebook’s search bar, you may realize that it was recorded and will appear once you going to search bar next time. It might uncomfortable for you since it shows recent search history clearly on the screen so other people could see your ‘secret’ activity. It actually expected to help the user quickly reach someone that they frequently visit the profile. But it also interferes with privacy.

Despite Facebook is more concern about user’s privacy, this inconvenient issue seemingly not detected by Facebook or they just ignore it. Nonetheless, you can clear the history appearing below the search bar from the Activity Log page.

If you looking to delete your Facebook search history, here’s the way.

How to Delete Facebook Search History

Step 1:
Log in to your Facebook account on a desktop computer (not available on iOS and Android), head to the profile page and click Activity Log.

Delete Facebook Search History

Step 2
Click the More button which located on the sidebar to expand additional menus.

Delete Facebook Search History

Step 3
After additional appeared, select Search History.

Delete Facebook Search History

Step 4
Now, navigate to Clear Searches at the upper section.

Delete Facebook Search History

Step 5
Finally, click Clear Searches option to delete all search history.

Delete Facebook Search History

Try to use the search feature again, you will not see someone’s profile there.

Can I prevent Facebook from recording my search history?

No, you can’t. Facebook doesn’t have any configuration for you to choose whether allowing it to tracks search history or not. The only thing you can do is by clearing it manually after feels not comfortable seen those profiles there.

Even though the records have been deleted, once you search the same name, the system would remember it and save it later. Yeah, that’s annoying, to be honest, but you already accept the Terms & Conditions of Facebook when registering an account, so please enjoy it.

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