2 Reasons Why Eikon USB Fingerprint Reader Driver Not Working (How to Fix)

Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader Driver

Eikon Mini USB Fingerprint Reader driver software? Eikon has managed as the most affordable USB fingerprint sensor in the market today, priced at only $20 on Amazon. This device is working perfectly at its price, but some customer says the device won’t work as expected.

If you think the device needs a driver update, you’re wrong. The AuthenTec, company behind this product says it was a plug&play device and no need a driver or configuration software to use.

Why Eikon’s Mini USB Fingerprint Reader not working?

Just plug in the Eikon, and it should quickly run the installation to communicate with Windows Hello. The driver is already implanted in the device. Hence then the AuthenTec doesn’t provide official software to solve any problem related to the product.

According to my research, I’ve found some common problem with the USB fingerprint reader. Here’s my conclusion:

#2 Windows automatically suspended the USB connection when sleep

By default, the notebook will sleep after a few minutes not in use to reduce battery consumption. On the other side, this configuration would interrupt USB communication, and USB fingerprint may not working correctly.

To solve this issue, follow these steps:

1. Go to Start Menu and search Edit Power Plan

2. Open that program, click on Change advanced power settings

3.  You will see many features that suspended by default once PC sleep. Now, expand USB settings, then USB selective suspend setting and choose Disabled through a drop-down menu.

4. Lastly, click OK and close the window.

5. See whether the fingerprint is worked or still not detect your touch tip. You might need to restart the machine and plug in back the USB fingerprint to take effect.


#2 Wrong configuration on Windows Hello

Eikon supposedly to perform a quick installation without display wizard. However, the computer may do not cooperate well with the new device. The Microsoft Support Community has found the solution.

1. Go to Windows Settings then select Accounts.

2. Next, click on Sign-in Options

3. Under the Fingerprint heading, select Setup, and click Get Started.

4. Next, enter your PIN or password to gain access.

5. Touch and swipe the fingerprint reader as the command shows on the screen.

Close the window and see the result. This method would reconfigure Windows Hello with Eikon USB communication.

Please remember that Eikon has no additional driver or new update. The company doesn’t release specific software for this fingerprint sensor. Anyway, downloading a new driver that claimed for Eikon may harm your PC and its security since it wasn’t the official software.

So, are you found this method helps you out?

Let me know in the comment. Additional advice is appreciated.


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