5 Cheapest Fan Powered by USB Port You Can Buy Right Now!

Fan Powered by USB Port

A hot day can be a serious problem with many PC users. The atmosphere temperature is not only affecting PC’s performance, but also make you sweat.

Thankfully, there are tons of USB gadgets dedicated to cooling either your PC or your face during usage; USB fan.

Instead of purchasing a new fan, you can take advantage of the existence of the USB port on your laptop. It can power a USB fan and blowing fresh air right to your face.

Check out these coolest USB fan you can buy right now!

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Cheapest fan powered by USB port

Fan Powered by USB Port

If you just wanna cooling your face using USB fan, Anboo USB Fan probably fit your expectations. This device is designed to be simple in mind. The Flexible metal tube arm helps you to change a fan direction easily. The maker says the product would be good for 50.000 hours usage.

Price: $1.85 – Product Page

USB fan with colorful LED text

Fan Powered by USB Port

Sometimes called “programmable USB fan”. This gadget basically an ordinary fan but features LED strip that can be customized to show text or images within the blade’s rotation. The USB fan is plug and play type, the driver is automatically installed when you connect it.

Price: $13.98 – Product Page

Quiet and strong wind USB fan

Fan Powered by USB Port


The blade rotation can emit noise and may bother you noise-sensitive work. Luckily there are USB fans designed to be quiet but has a strong wind to ensure you are not sweating. The iKross Mini Desktop fan has a 360-degree hinge. The blade covered by a cage to ensure it not hurting finger when someone accidentally touches it.

Price: $9.99 – Product Page

Massive size USB fan

Fan Powered by USB Port

Who says USB fan always small and slow wind? The Opolar USB fan might destroy this perception. Its fan has a huge 8 inch in diameter with 4 levels of wind. It also features a timer and specialized fan design for a greater blast. Surprisingly, the required power is sufficient enough from the USB supply. It also includes a USB adapter for a wall socket.

Price: $26.99 – Product Page

Mini air cooler by USB powered port

Fan Powered by USB Port

The air cooling system is basically spreading the water vapor through a fan. The Lohome bladeless fan offers accessories called “Desktop Air Conditioning Fan”. This fan has a container where you can put water and fragrance combined. This bladeless fan boasts three level of wind and high-quality ABS material. They also offered a full refund or replacement.

Price: $28.89 – Product Page

So, which one you prefer for the best USB fan?


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