How Much Does Windows 10 Cost?

How Much Does Windows 10 Cost

It’s 2020 and Windows 10 is getting popular among consumers. Even the previous version — Windows 7 is losing its user rapidly due to mass-migration to Windows 10.

While Windows 10 was introduced as a service (instead of product), you still have to pay some amount of money upfront. However, from that purchase you will receive unlimited Windows Updates for lifetime!

So, from all being said, how much does this operating system cost? And how to get the best deal?

The price of Windows 10

How Much Does Windows 10 Cost

The official package of Windows 10 Home costs $119 while the slightly higher version Windows 10 Pro costs at $199. For enterprises, Microsoft offers Windows 10 Pro Workstations for $309 which comes with a lot of business-related features.

Windows 10 Home is great for personal and home usage although you may use it for work. Windows 10 Pro is slightly more advanced but offering a little difference over its little brother. This version of Windows 10 is perfect for a company, school, or organization.

The highest version — Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is only for enterprises who dealing with a lot of data and computer power. You are definitely don’t want to use it unless necessary.

Where to buy Windows 10?

Right now, you can get Windows 10 from Microsoft Store and they will send the package right at your home. Some online stores also partnered with Microsoft to sell the license. Often, the price can be slightly lower while offering exactly the same product.

There are some brick and mortar stores that also sell Windows 10. If you have one nearby, it best to just from them directly.

How to get a cheaper Windows 10?

How Much Does Windows 10 Cost

Have you ever own a laptop or tablet that already has Windows 10 installed on it?

It’s called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Basically, the manufacturer partnered with Microsoft by buying tons of Windows 10 licenses for a lower price and install them to their product.

You can literally buy a brand new $90 Windows 10 tablet from Amazon and get unlimited updates from Microsoft for a lifetime. It’s the same Windows 10 version you can buy from Microsoft Store, but cheaper.

But, there’s a catch: The license on Windows 10 OEM is attached directly to the machine, meaning that it can’t be moved between devices. If the device is broken, then there’s nothing you can do but accept that fate.

Windows 10 volume licensing

How Much Does Windows 10 Cost

Volume licensing is nearly similar to the OEM version. It’s a bulk license purchased by a company or organization which has a dozen PCs. They make a deal to Microsoft in order to get Windows 10 OS for the lowest expenses as possible. Unlike OEM, volume licensing is supposed for the company itself, not for personal use.

But apparently, some Windows 10 licenses have been ‘leaked’ and being sold by some merchants online. Most of them cost $20 or even lower. They also guarantee money back if the license is failed to be activated. And the license is attached to your Microsoft account which means it can be moved between devices.

Well, I don’t know how can the license is leaked but honestly the cost is really fascinating and I saw a lot of people comfortably using that kind of license.

Is volume licensing valid?

The license issued by Microsoft, so it’s original and valid. It comes with a lifetime update as well.

Does it an ethical license?

Albeit the license is valid, the way the licenses were distributed is wrong. OEM and volume licensing are meant for the corresponding company or organization, not an individual entity.

But personally, I found Microsoft aware of that problem and seemingly not really concern by them. They must be very happy as long as Windows can maintain the majority of the operating market share. Also, there’s a fascinating discussion about this topic here in Quora.

Conclusion – How much does Windows 10 cost?

Windows 10 retail version offers a lot of benefits, including full support from Microsoft and the license can be moved between devices.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 OEM version doesn’t come with that privilege, which means the license is attached to the hardware of where the operating system was installed. However, Windows 10 OEM is considerably the most economical option.

And finally, we get the Windows 10 volume licensing version which apparently not legally distributed but quite popular in developing worlds. I found this type of license is far cheaper than the retail version while offering the same features.