3 Popular Ways to Backup Any USB Drive in Just Few Minutes

How to Backup USB Drive

Many peoples think that USB flash drive is permanent storage so can you bring it anywhere without losing or corrupting any data.

As it turns out, flash drive and other storage flash devices only store your data temporary, depending on usage and conditions.

Or in other words: your data may be lost someday.

Scary thought, huh?

So, it’s wise to backup your USB drive earlier before it loses or damaged. Here, I show you how to backup USB drive easily.

#1 How to back up a USB drive? The easiest way is copy-paste

So, How to backup USB drive files? Before we jump into deep, I need to inform you that copy-paste feature is the easiest way to back up your USB files.

You can select all files and copy it to the new specific folder on your computer.

You probably need to do this regularly every time you use USB flash drive. Unless this is not the great option for you, just continue scrolling.

#2 Backup USB drive data with RMPrepUSB



RMPrepUSB is one of the best apps for creating a USB image backup. You will be able to choose the amount, size, partition, and data. The overall features are sufficient enough for an advanced user.

This free app is available for all Windows version (counted from Windows XP).

Download RMPrepUSB

#3 ImageUSB by PassMark is the most popular tools to backup USB data


ImageUSB which developed by PassMark designed to be simple and well interface. You simply can choose the USB drive(s) and create an image from it instantly.

This free app works well for Windows XP or above.

Download ImageUSB

If your USB flash drive lost its data, you might want to check Recover Data from Corrupted Flash Drive, that articles suggest you to use some apps that reliable to recover multiple files from storage device.

That’s it, that’s the best way to backup your USB flash drive (UFD).

Do you have any other recommendation tools to backup data?


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