How to Breed and Farm Frogs and Their Resources in Minecraft

Finding and Breeding Frogs

Frogs are passive mobs that spawn naturally in swamp and mangrove swamp biomes in groups of 2-5[5]. They come in different variants:

  • Temperate frogs – Found in swamps
  • Cold frogs – Found in cold biomes like snowy tundras
  • Warm frogs – Found in warm biomes like deserts

To breed frogs, you need to feed two adult frogs slimeballs to make them enter love mode[7][13]. This will make them breed and spawn 1-7 tadpoles around them.

Tadpoles take 10-20 minutes to grow into adult frogs[13]. You can speed this up by feeding tadpoles slimeballs – each one reduces their growth time.

Tadpoles are vulnerable and can be killed easily. Keep them safe in ponds/water sources.

Transporting Frogs

You can transport frogs long distances by:

  • Holding a slimeball, which makes nearby frogs follow you[7]
  • Attaching a lead to individual frogs[7]
  • Carrying tadpoles in buckets to transport them safely[6]

You can even bring frogs to the Nether using boats and minecarts! [6]

Farming Froglights

Frogs attack and eat small magma cubes, which makes the frogs drop froglights[1].

To farm froglights:

  • Find a magma cube spawner in the Nether
  • Funnel the magma cubes into a small space
  • Bring frogs there using leads/slimeballs
  • Protect the frogs while they attack and eat the magma cubes
  • Collect the froglight drops!

You can collect over 5000 froglights per hour using this method[3].

Farming Slimeballs

Frogs can also attack and eat small slimes to produce slimeballs[2].

To farm slimeballs:

  • Transport frogs to a slime chunk
  • Funnel slimes to the frogs
  • Collect dropped slimeballs

For best rates, build below Y level 40.

Froglight Decoration

Once you have a good supply of froglights, you can use them as decoration in builds. Some ideas:

  • Outline paths and borders
  • Use as lighting along walls
  • Make glowing vegetation by mixing with leaves
  • Build lamps and lanterns

Froglights emit a vibrant green light, perfect for magical fantasy builds.

Breeding for Rare Variants

Certain frog variants are harder to find. For example, white frogs have only a 0.083% chance of spawning in cold biomes[10].

You can breed frogs to reliably produce these rare variants:

  • Breed in different biomes to control frog type
  • Breed and grow hundreds of tadpoles
  • Check for rare variants once matured

With enough tries, you can farm frogs until you find every variant.

Creating a Frog Farm

For unlimited farming, build a frog breeding pen. This requires[4]:

  • Water sources for tadpoles
  • Hoppers/chests to collect drops
  • Nametags to prevent despawning
  • Slimeball dispensers for breeding
  • Magma cube/slime funneling system

Aim for a large-scale design to produce thousands of resources per hour.


Frogs provide various useful resources in Minecraft:

  • Froglights for vibrant decoration
  • Slimeballs for crafting and pistons
  • Fun mobs to populate swamp builds

Breed frogs, transport them safely while small, and funnel hostile mobs to them to farm resources. With enough infrastructure, you can mass produce thousands of frog items.