How to Cancel Pending Wish Online Shopping Orders Before Shipment

Wish is an online shopping platform that offers great deals on various products. However, sometimes you may want to cancel an order you placed on Wish before it ships. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cancel pending Wish orders:

Check If Your Order is Still Eligible for Cancellation

The first step is to check if your order on Wish is still eligible for cancellation. Wish allows you to cancel orders within 30 minutes of placing them.

To check if your order can still be cancelled:

  • Log in to your Wish account on the mobile app or website
  • Go to ‘Your Orders’ section
  • Locate your pending order and check if there is a ‘Cancel Order’ option available

If the ‘Cancel Order’ option is available, you can proceed to the next step to cancel your order. However, if it shows your order cannot be cancelled or the cancellation window has passed, unfortunately you cannot cancel your order anymore.

Submit a Cancellation Request

If your pending Wish order is still eligible for cancellation, follow these steps:

On the Wish Mobile App

  • Tap on ‘Your Orders’
  • Find your order and tap on ‘Cancel Order’
  • Select a reason for cancellation
  • Confirm cancellation in the pop-up prompt


  • Go to ‘Your Orders’
  • Locate your order and click on ‘Cancel Order’
  • Choose a reason for cancelling your order
  • Click on ‘Yes, Cancel This Order’ to confirm

Once you have submitted your cancellation request, you will receive a confirmation email from Wish on the status.

Get Refunded

After you have cancelled your pending order, Wish will process a refund of your payment. Here is what happens:

  • If you paid via credit card or PayPal, the refund will be credited back to your original payment method
  • For orders paid using Wish Cash, the amount will be refunded to your Wish Cash balance
  • It takes 5-7 business days for the refund to reflect in your account

You can track your refund status in the ‘Your Orders’ section. Once Wish has processed your refund, the order status will change to “Cancelled and Refunded”.

Tips for Hassle-free Cancellation

Here are some useful tips to cancel your orders smoothly:

  • Act quickly: Try to cancel the order within 5-10 minutes for best results. The longer you wait, the less likely it is to get cancelled.
  • Use the app: Cancelling orders is easier on Wish app than website. Quickly navigate to your order and cancel.
  • Contact support: If you face any issues with cancellation, contact Wish support via chat for assistance.

What If My Order Has Shipped?

If your Wish order has already shipped, then unfortunately you cannot cancel or make any changes to it. However, you still have options:

  • You can refuse delivery of the package when it arrives. Wish will then refund your order.
  • If you accept the delivery, you can still return the items to Wish. Make a return request within 30 days of delivery and ship the item back. Once Wish receives it, they will refund your money.

So in summary, act quickly within 30 minutes to cancel pending Wish orders. But even if the order ships, you can return it for a refund by following Wish’s return policy.

FAQs on Cancelling Wish Orders

Can I cancel my Wish order after 30 minutes?

No, Wish only allows orders to be cancelled within 30 minutes of placing them. After that you cannot cancel an order.

How long does it take to get refund once I cancel my order?

Wish processes refunds within 5-7 business days after a successful cancellation. The money will be credited back to your original payment method.

What happens if my order ships before I can cancel it?

If your items ship before you can cancel, you cannot cancel the order anymore. However, you can return the items once delivered for a full refund.

Why is the option to cancel order not showing for my order?

If the ‘Cancel Order’ option does not show up for your order, it means the 30-minute cancellation window has passed. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel orders after that time period.

Can I cancel just part of my order or some items?

No, Wish does not allow cancelling specific items from an order. You can either cancel the full order or cannot cancel at all if shipped.

So in summary, always check the cancellation window and act quickly to cancel your entire order. Follow Wish’s step-by-step process for smooth order cancellation and refunds.