How to Change AnyDesk Remote Desktop Password

AnyDesk is a popular remote desktop software that allows you to access and control computers and other devices remotely. Setting up a strong password for AnyDesk is important to prevent unauthorized access.

As an IT professional with over 10 years of experience, I often help clients set up and configure AnyDesk for remote access. In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to change your AnyDesk password for enhanced security.

Why Change AnyDesk Password

Here are some key reasons why you should change your default AnyDesk password:

  • Prevent unauthorized access: Using a default or weak password makes it easy for hackers to guess your password and gain access to your devices. Changing to a strong password prevents this.
  • Maintain privacy: When accessing devices remotely, you are exposing potentially sensitive data. A strong password guarantees only you can access the device.
  • Revoke access: If an employee with AnyDesk access leaves the company, changing passwords ensures they can no longer access devices remotely.
  • Good security practice: Regular password changes are part of good cybersecurity practices.

Ways to Change AnyDesk Password

There are a few different ways you can change your AnyDesk password. Here are the main methods:

Change Password on

  1. Go to and login to your AnyDesk account
  2. Click on Settings and go to the General tab
  3. Under Account, enter and confirm your new password
  4. Click Save to update the password

Reset Password via Email

If you forgot your current password:

  1. Go to and click on Forgot your password?
  2. Enter the email address registered with your AnyDesk account
  3. Follow instructions in the password reset email to create a new password

Change Password in AnyDesk Client

This allows you to change the unattended access password:

  1. Open the AnyDesk client on the remote computer
  2. Go to Settings > Security
  3. Click on Set password for unattended access
  4. Enter and confirm the new password and click OK

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

When changing your AnyDesk password, follow these tips:

  • Minimum 8 characters long
  • Include upper and lowercase letters
  • Add numbers and special characters
  • Don’t use personal information
  • Don’t use dictionary words
  • Change it every 90 days

You can also enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

Securing Unattended Access

Unattended access in AnyDesk allows remotely connecting to a computer without anyone present to accept the session invitation.

Here are some best practices:

  • Set a strong unattended access password
  • Enable permissions to restrict control by unauthorized users
  • Create an access control list to only allow certain devices to connect
  • Limit number of concurrent sessions
  • Monitor remote access logs regularly


Changing your AnyDesk password periodically is important to boost security, maintain privacy, and control remote access.

Use the guide above to change your current password to a new strong credential. Additionally, restrict unattended access and keep remote tools updated.

With good passwords and proper configurations, AnyDesk can securely empower your remote access and support needs. Let me know if you have any other questions!