How to Change the Default Gateway IP on an Eero WiFi Router

The default gateway IP address on an Eero WiFi router system is set to This IP address range of allows for up to 254 devices to be connected.

However, you may want to change the default gateway IP address to match another network or for other technical reasons. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the default gateway IP address on an Eero router.


Before changing the IP address, make sure you have the following:

  • The Eero mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet
  • The latest firmware installed on your Eero routers
  • Admin access to the Eero router system

Step 1: Access the Network Settings

Open the Eero app and tap on Settings at the bottom.

Scroll down and select Network Settings.

Step 2: Configure the DHCP & NAT Settings

Under Network Settings, choose the DHCP & NAT option.

  • This will display the current IP address range and settings.
  • To change it, tap on Automatic and switch to Manual IP configuration.

Step 3: Enter the New IP Address Information

Under Manual IP:

  • Change the Subnet IP to your desired gateway IP address network. For example, to set it to, enter
  • Set the Subnet Mask to
  • Enter a Lease Range Start and End IP address in your subnet range.

Step 4: Save and Apply the Changes

Once done, tap Save at the bottom.

  • You will be prompted to reboot your network to apply the changes.
  • Tap Reboot to reboot your Eero routers.

The new gateway IP address settings will be applied within a few minutes after the routers reboot.

Checking the New Gateway IP Address

To verify the changes, go back to the DHCP & NAT settings.

The Lease Range should now show your new gateway IP address network.

Connecting Devices to the New Network

With the new IP address changes, your wireless devices may temporarily lose connectivity.

To reconnect them:

  • Reboot your wireless devices so they can obtain a new IP address from the router’s DHCP server.
  • Or manually enter the new WiFi network SSID and password to reconnect.

Devices with static IP addresses in the old subnet range may need to be reconfigured with IP addresses in the new subnet range.

Troubleshooting Issues

If you encounter issues after changing the gateway IP address, here are some things to try:

  • Double check that the Subnet IP, Subnet Mask and Lease Range values entered are valid and match your desired network segment.
  • Temporarily switch back to Automatic IP configuration and reboot to see if connectivity returns.
  • Perform a soft reset on your Eero routers using the pinhole reset button.
  • Contact Eero support for further troubleshooting.


Changing the default gateway IP address on an Eero WiFi system is simple when using the Eero app and following the steps above.

Take note of your new IP address scheme and update any devices or servers using static IP addresses to ensure full connectivity across your network.

You now have more control in tailoring your home network’s IP addressing with Eero’s flexible DHCP and NAT configuration options.