How to Change Your Roku Device PIN Passcode

Having owned a Roku device for years, I have learned the ins and outs of using and customizing it. One important feature that many users overlook is the ability to set a PIN passcode. This passcode adds an extra layer of security and can prevent unauthorized purchases or access to certain channels. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to change your Roku PIN passcode using simple instructions.

Why Set a Roku PIN Passcode

Here are some of the key reasons you may want to use a Roku PIN passcode:

  • Prevent Unauthorized Purchases: With a Roku PIN enabled, any attempts to purchase or rent movies/shows will prompt for the passcode first. This is great for families where kids may accidentally purchase content.
  • Restrict Channel Access: The PIN can restrict access to certain mature channels, essentially acting as parental controls.
  • Added Security: Even if someone gains access to your Roku physically, they won’t be able to use it fully without entering the passcode.

So in summary, the Roku PIN gives you more control over your device and account by adding an extra authentication layer for sensitive actions.

How to Change Your Roku PIN Passcode

Changing your Roku device PIN is simple but does need to be done through the Roku website, not directly on the device itself. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in to your Roku account
  2. Under “PIN Preference”, click on Update
  3. Select Change PIN
  4. Enter your new 4-digit PIN and click Save PIN to confirm

Once updated, the new PIN will sync across any Roku devices linked to your account.

Tip: If you don’t remember your current Roku account login email/password, use the password reset option on to regain access before changing your PIN.

Customizing Your Roku PIN Preferences

In addition to changing your PIN, you can also customize your PIN preferences for added security:

  • Require PIN for purchases: Ensures a PIN entry for any video purchase or rental
  • Require PIN for adding channels: Locks down channel installs unless the PIN is entered
  • Require PIN for accessing mature content: Essentially enables parental controls globally

To update these from

  1. Go to your account and click Update next to PIN Preference
  2. Select your desired PIN preference rules
  3. Click Save Changes

By toggling these preferences, you can really customize the level of security and restriction that the PIN enables.

What to Do If You Forget Your Roku PIN

If you forget your Roku PIN, not to worry – you can easily reset it. Just log into your Roku account on the web and:

  1. Go to PIN Preference and click Update
  2. Select Reset PIN
  3. Enter and confirm your new PIN
  4. Click Save Changes

As long as you have access to your Roku account, you can recover and reset the PIN without any other special steps.

Closing Recommendations

Setting a PIN passcode only takes a few minutes but adds great security and customization to your Roku device. Be sure to periodically change your PIN every few months just as a best practice as well.

With the PIN enabled, you have full control to restrict purchases, channels, and content – helping manage screen time for kids or just locking down your Roku altogether. Enable it today on your next streaming session!