How to Check How Long Windows 10 PC Has Been Running

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Recent computer hardware allowing us to run it for hours even days without the need to be turned off in between. However, the best practice to do in order to maintain the longevity and performance is by giving a rest before continuing to another task. If you want to check how long the PC has been running, Windows 10 has a quicker way to get that information.

Instead of using a timer or guessing, Windows is actually turning on its timer when the CPU is activated. From there, we can easily measure how long the computer has been turned on.

The latest two operating system, Windows 8 (including 8.1) and Windows 10 are providing real-time timer information. Here’s how to reveal it.

How to Check How Long Windows 10 PC Has Been Running

1. Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager or simply by pressing keyboard combinations CTRL+SHIFT+ESC simultaneously.

2. Now, heads to Performance tab and select the CPU menu.

3. The Up time section is representing the duration since the computer has turned on.

How to Check How Long Windows 10 PC Has Been Running

For instance, from the screenshot above is my PC has been running for more dan one days without Sleep or Shut Down.


However, most of the time I used for a maintenance process, like scan for viruses, defragging and cleaning junk files. Hence, the hardware’s load is normal and the temperatures are fine.

When should I shut down my Windows 10 PC?

It’s actually depending on the computer’s specifications. However, if you feeling an extremely heat blows from the fan-based cooling system, it might be the warning signal that the PC needs to be shut down soon.

In addition, when PC gets slow down significantly yet you don’t feel any temperatures enhancement, try to restart the machine and let Windows saving some applied configurations.

Furthermore, you can use free temperature monitoring software to detect any unusual heat activity accurately.

What is the best computer to operate relentlessly?

Some computer’s hardware is designed to be strong enough to withstand with enormous heat while running its operation. For example, Intel Xeon is engineered for server usage which way more reliable than average consumers processor.

A desktop computer also considered able to perform relentless operation rather than laptop or tablet.


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