How to Check If Someone is Currently Online on Plenty of Fish App

Plenty of Fish (POF) is one of the most popular dating apps and websites, with over 90 million users worldwide. With so many users, it can be hard to keep track of who is online and available to chat. Luckily, POF has some features that allow you to see if someone is currently online.

Check the Green Dot Next to Their Name

The easiest way to see if someone is currently online on POF is to check for the green dot next to their name. If you see a green dot, it means the user has been active within the last 30 minutes. The dot will turn yellow if they were last online within the past 24 hours. And no dot means they have not used POF in over a day.

So if you message someone and see that green dot, chances are they will see and respond to your message fairly quickly. The dots appear on the matches page, in your conversations, and on user profiles.

View Their Profile for “Online Now” Badge

You can also visit someone’s profile to see if they currently have an “Online Now” badge displayed. This badge will only appear if the user is actively online at that very moment. So it is the best indicator that they are available for a chat.

If the badge says “Online Today” or “Online This Week” it means they were recently active, but may not be online right now.

See Last Online Time in Extended Profile

POF users with a premium membership can view more detailed “last online” information in a user’s Extended Profile. To access it, click the user’s profile picture. Then click the “View Extended Profile” link.

This will show you the exact date and time that the user last logged into POF. So you’ll know if they have been active in the past few minutes, hours, or days.

Assume Online Status Isn’t Always Accurate

It’s important to note that POF’s online indicators aren’t 100% accurate. Sometimes a user will show as online when they are not actually logged into the app. This is especially true for mobile users, whose online status can update just from having the app open in the background.

So even if someone shows as online, they may be busy with something else and unable to respond right away. It’s best not to assume they are ignoring you if they don’t respond instantly. Give them some reasonable amount of time to reply based on the online indicator.

Hide Your Own Online Status

If you prefer to keep your online status private on POF, there are options for that too. You can hide your profile so only certain people can see when you are online.

On the desktop site, go to your profile edit page and click “Hide Profile” at the top right. This will remove you from search results and public areas like Meet Me. But users you directly interact with can still see your online status.

On mobile, tap your profile icon > Settings > Privacy Controls > Hide Profile. This works the same way by hiding you from general users but keeping you visible to matches.

Use Online Status as a Guide, Not an Absolute Rule

At the end of the day, POF’s online indicators should only be used as a general guide. Don’t assume someone is purposefully ignoring you just because they show as online but haven’t responded. And don’t get upset if their status seems inaccurate at times.

Use online status as one data point to gauge if a user is active and available. But also give people the benefit of the doubt if they don’t message back instantly, even when shown to be online. Respect that they have a life outside of the app and may be preoccupied, much like you.

Tips for Messaging Based on Online Status

Now that you know how to tell if someone is online, here are some tips for using that information when messaging POF matches:

Message Online Users First

Prioritize messaging users who show as currently online on the app. Since they just used POF, they will be more likely to see your message soon and respond quickly. You’ll have a better chance at a conversation than messaging people who haven’t logged in for days.

Follow Up With Recent Logins

If someone showed as online in the past day, go ahead and send them a follow up message if they haven’t responded. Chances are they simply missed your initial message in their inbox and a second attempt will catch their eye when they log back in.

Don’t Overdo It With Offline Users

Avoid bombarding someone who shows as offline with multiple messages. They clearly aren’t active on the app currently, so take a patient approach. Send your first message and wait at least a few days for them to log back in before messaging again.

Respect Boundaries Around Response Times

Every user will have different preferences and habits around how often they check POF messages and how quickly they respond. So manage your expectations based on what you observe of their activity. If they typically respond within a few hours when online, great. But don’t make demands about instant replies. Give them reasonable space to communicate on their terms.

Take Breaks If Needed

If you find yourself getting anxious about response times or online indicators, take a breather. Step away from the app for a bit. Remind yourself that no one owes you instant communication. When you return, focus on the users who seem interested in exchanging messages at a comfortable pace. Don’t stress over those who aren’t aligned with your communication needs.

Following these tips will lead to more success connecting with quality matches on POF who are responsive and available for you. Best of luck out there!

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