How To Check Who Sent You Friend Invites on Discord Servers

Discord has become one of the most popular communication platforms, with over 150 million active users. As a server owner or moderator, you may want to keep track of who is sending invites to your Discord server. Here is a detailed guide on how to check who sent you friend invites on Discord servers.

Why Check Who Sent Invites

There are a few key reasons why checking who sent invites can be useful:

  • Identify Invite Spammers: Some users may spam invites to random users to promote their server. Checking invites allows you to identify and block these spammers.
  • Track Server Promoters: You can see which members are actively promoting your server by sending invites. This allows you to reward or highlight valuable contributors.
  • Prevent Raids: If a series of suspicious looking accounts join from the same invite link, it may indicate a planned raid. Tracing the invite allows preemptive action.
  • Understand Growth Sources: Analyzing invite traffic helps you understand which channels are driving member sign-ups so you can optimize promotional strategies.

Checking Invites on Desktop

Checking who sent Discord invites via the desktop app is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your Discord server and click on the server name at the top left to open the menu
  2. Select “Server Settings”
  3. Choose “Audit Log” on the left sidebar
  4. On the right side, click on “Filter By Action” and select “Update Invites”

This will display a list of all recent invite updates, showing which members created or shared invite links.

Discord Server Settings

You can click on each entry to view detailed information, including:

  • The user who sent the invite
  • The channel it was posted in
  • How many uses it has
  • When it was created
  • Expiry duration

Analyzing these details helps you trace invite sources and activity over time.

Checking Invites on Mobile

The process is mostly similar on mobile devices, with the only limitation being you can’t filter invites – the full audit log is displayed instead.

To check invites on iOS/Android:

  1. Open your Discord server
  2. Tap the server name at the top to open the menu
  3. Select Server Settings
  4. Choose Audit Log

You will then see the full detailed log of all recent actions. You can manually scroll through to find invite updates.

The rest of the details – like the sending user, channel posted, and other metadata – are visible in the same way as the desktop app for each invite creation or sharing event.

Using Bots to Track Invites

There are also some dedicated bots that can help track invites:

  • InviteManager: Powerful invite tracking with leaderboards, custom commands, and graphical analytics.
  • Inviter: Tracks detailed invite data and provides a dashboard to monitor performance.
  • InviteTracker: Feature-packed bot supporting giveaways, message tracking, and more along with invites.

These bots can give you enhanced functionality like customizable commands, invite leaderboards to motivate members, graphical analytics, and more. Most have free plans with the option to upgrade for more features.

Best Practices For Managing Invites

Here are some tips to manage invites effectively:

Incentivize Invites

Consider giving small rewards like special roles or recognition to members who invite others to motivate invite sharing. But be cautious of spammers looking to take advantage.

Use Vanity URLs

Create an easy to remember custom invite URL and promote that consistently instead of random one-time links to improve branding and recall.

Set Expiry Dates

Configure invite links to expire after a certain period to prevent really old links being used by unknown parties. Active members can always create fresh invites.

Restrict Creation Permissions

Limit which roles can create instant invites instead of allowing all members to create invites if you are facing spam issues.

Analyze Invite Traffic

Regularly check the audit log or use a bot to analyze invite activity and identify growth trends to improve server promotion strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about checking invites on Discord:

How do I remove or delete a Discord invite?

Server admins and mods can remove invites by right-clicking on them within the Instant Invite menu and selecting “Delete Invite”.

Is there a way to see who joined my server from an invite?

Unfortunately there is no direct way within Discord to match new members to the specific invite link they may have joined from. The best option is to analyze the audit log.

Why can’t I create any instant invites?

Server admins can restrict permissions so only specific roles allow members to create invites. If you can’t create invites, ask your server admin to add permissions for your role.

How many invite links can I create for my Discord server?

There is no hard limit, you can create as many new instant invite links for your server as needed. Each new one will have a unique URL.

What’s the maximum number of uses for an instant invite?

Invite links can be configured to have 1 to infinite uses, or never expire. The default is unlimited uses. Server admins can set custom limits as required on each link.


Checking who sent you invites on Discord is easy using the audit log feature, and allows server owners to identify growth channels, prevent raids, and manage permissions. Dedicated bots can also provide enhanced invite tracking and analytics.

Implementing some best practices around managing invites also helps ensure healthy community growth while limiting spam.

With these tips, you should be able to better track and analyze invites to your Discord server. Let us know if you have any other questions!