How to Check Your Viewing History on Roku Streaming Media Players

  • Roku devices themselves do not store a comprehensive viewing history. They only store limited data like login credentials locally.
  • Most streaming channels like YouTube, Netflix, etc. have their own viewing history tied to your account on that service. So you can check viewing history for individual channels.
  • There is no unified viewing history across different channels on Roku devices. Each channel provider maintains their own data.
  • You can see recent searches made on the Roku device by going to the Search section and looking at recent searches on the right. This allows you to retrace some recently watched content.
  • Some channels like Hulu have a “Keep Watching” section that keeps track of recently watched content.

So in summary, there is no Roku-wide viewing history available. You have to check viewing history on a per channel basis based on your account and login on those streaming services. The Roku devices themselves do not store a persistent viewing history across different channels.

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