How to Collect Alien Nanites Resource in Fortnite Creative Mode

Alien nanites are a special resource that was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 during the alien invasion theme. They have some very unique properties and can be used to upgrade weapons and create special items in Battle Royale mode.

In Fortnite Creative mode, alien nanites function mostly as a building material and decorative prop. Here is everything you need to know about using alien nanites in your Creative islands.

What are Alien Nanites

Alien nanites are a glowing blue resource that looks like a cluster of small cubes. In Battle Royale mode, they can be found as floor loot or by searching chests and supply drops. When consumed, they provide shield and health over time.

Their more unique property is the ability to upgrade weapons. By combining a weapon with alien nanites at an upgrade bench, you can create a special mythic version of that weapon with improved stats. For example, combining a bolt-action sniper rifle with 1 alien nanite creates the Rail Gun.

Accessing Alien Nanites in Creative Mode

To access alien nanites in Creative mode:

  1. Open the Creative Inventory menu
  2. Go to the Devices tab
  3. Select the Gallery section
  4. Choose the Props gallery
  5. Find and spawn the Alien Nanites prop

The alien nanites will spawn as a small cluster of glowing blue cubes. You can then pick them up to add them to your inventory.

Using Alien Nanites as a Building Material

Once you have spawned some alien nanites, they can be used as a building material just like wood, brick, or metal. Their glowing blue texture makes them perfect for adding some alien-themed decorative touches to your maps.

Some ideas:

  • Create alien rock formations and crystals
  • Build alien computer consoles or machines
  • Construct a crashed alien spaceship
  • Design an alien landscape or planet

Weapon Upgrading in Creative

Unfortunately, the weapon upgrading properties of alien nanites do not work in Creative mode. You cannot create mythic weapons by combining guns with nanites like you can in Battle Royale. The nanites can only be used for building and decorating islands.

This may change in future Creative updates if Epic Games decides to enable weapon crafting. But for now, alien nanites do not impact weapons or gameplay mechanics in Creative.

Tips for Using Alien Nanites

Here are some tips for making the most out of alien nanites in your Creative maps:

Combine with metal textures: The glowing blue color of nanites pairs nicely with metal textures. Use them together to build alien technology structures.

Create color accents: Use small amounts of nanites sparingly to add pops of color and glow to your builds. For example, line the inside of a cave with them.

Animate with sequencers: Make your alien nanites pulse or move up and down by linking them to a sequencer device. This makes them appear more energetic and dynamic.

Build alien landscape: Construct an entire alien planet landscape out of alien nanites and other neon props. Use fog and lighting to enhance the otherworldly atmosphere.

Decorate alien bases: Adorn your extraterrestrial bases and buildings with alien nanites to give them more high-tech and authentic-feeling alien detailing.

Future Possibilities

Epic Games continues to add new weapons, items, and features to Fortnite Creative mode each season. It’s possible they may expand the functionality of alien nanites in future updates.

Potential possibilities include:

  • Allowing nanites to upgrade weapons
  • Adding new crafting recipes using nanites
  • Letting nanites impact player attributes or grant buffs
  • Expanding nanites into a resource gathering/crafting system
  • Integrating nanites with the phone tool for new building options

We will have to wait and see what new features or gameplay elements alien nanites may offer down the road!


  • Alien nanites are a glowing blue resource introduced in Chapter 2, Season 7
  • They can currently be used in Creative mode as a building material and decorative prop
  • Their unique weapon upgrading ability does not work in Creative mode yet
  • Use alien nanites to add sci-fi style and colorful alien accents to your maps
  • Combine them creatively with metal textures and sequencer animations
  • Future updates may expand their functionality to impact gameplay

So while alien nanites are limited right now, they still have great aesthetic potential for making alien landscapes and structures. Experiment with nanites to add some extraterrestrial flair to your Creative islands!