How to Connect Yeelight Smart Lamp to Phone: 12 Steps

How to Connect Yeelight

Xiaomi is known as the best phone maker in terms of price-to-performance ratio. But this little company gets more attention than predicted. They expand the business into home appliances and has been released dozens of product in that category. One of the most successful items is Xiaomi Yeelight. It’s basically smart lamp that can be controlled by WiFi connection right from your phone. Other smart lamps from Western brand usually priced too high, but Xiaomi, again, lets you purchase the lamp with a fragment of cost. Once the Yeelight lamp arrived at your home, then you should connect the lamp to your phone in order to gain access. This article will teach you how to connect Yeelight smart lamp easily.

When I wrote this content, Xioami has been released about 15 different kinds of Yeelight smart lamp. Fortunately, all the products using a similar way to connect to the phone between WiFi router. If this your first time purchasing Yeelight, you come to the right place. This guide is designed to be fitted to a new customer.

How to Connect Yeelight Smart Lamp to Phone

Step 1
Attach your Yeelight smart lamp to the power supply or lamp housing (depending on what type of the lamp is used).

Step 2
Download Yeelight app for Android via Google Play Store.

Step 3
Launch the Yeelight app, make sure you connected to the WiFi router.

Step 4
Create a Xiaomi account by providing email, password, location, and phone number.

Step 5
After the account created, log in to the services, and tap the plus icon at the upper right corner to add a new device.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 6
Select the type of Yeelight smart lamp you have.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 7
The app might ask you to install the lamp first. Tap “How to Reset” to see the guide about that and tap Next after you finished.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 8
Select Allow and activate GPS location. The location is necessary to determine the nearest server available in order to reduce delay.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 9
Tap the device that has been detected. It usually only represented by a codename, not actual lamp name. Then, tap Next.

How to Connect Yeelight


Step 10
Now, connect your smart lamp to the home WiFi. Fill the name and password, then tap Next to continue. I would recommend enabling Remember Password, it’s very useful for future installations.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 11
Please wait while the lamp is connecting to your phone through WiFi.

How to Connect Yeelight

Step 12
Once finished, tap Done and your Yeelight smart lamp is ready to use.

How to Connect Yeelight

Please note that Yeelight app still in the development phase. The app now has reached version 3.0 (Beta) with a lot of improvements, stable performances, and fewer bugs. The following picture below is a new interface of Yeelight.

How to Connect Yeelight

Why Yeelight device not detected?

There are many reasons why your Yeelight smart lamp not detected on the phone. It probably caused by power outage, the device will automatically ‘deleted’ from your phone when the supply has gone out. To fix this problem, you need to restart the Yeelight by turning it on and off 5 times quickly until the light is blinking. Then you can perform the installation again.

Can Xiaomi Yeelight work when offline?

Unfortunately, no. The device is connected to the nearest Xiaomi’s server. You can’t directly control the lamp from the phone. Instead, the signal is delivered from phone to the WiFi router, server, and finally arrived at the lamp to execute the command. Since the system by default not allowing the client to control straight from the phone, there are no options except keep the (WiFi) internet running every day.

What will happen when a blackout occurs?

First, your lamp will die, it does not built-in battery to run when blackout. After the power got back, the lamp will perform default state scene. You can select the Default State on Yeelight app. The Default State can be considered as a ‘conventional mode’ of Yeelight smart lamp.

Can the light still run a scheduled scene while my phone turned off?

No. The phone was actually a brain of the lamp itself. It manages all commands, scheduling, and updating the firmware. When you turning off the phone and expecting the Yeelight smart lamp runs a scene based on the schedule, it will not happen.

Is there any Yeelight app for a desktop PC?

The official Xiaomi has not released an app for desktop PC, such as Windows and Linux or Mac OS. However, the company conduct an experiment with open-sources project and generate new desktop-based app designed by a third-party entity. The apps are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome. You can download those apps here. Please keep in mind that those apps are not created by the company.

Can I use Google Assistant to control Yeelight?

Sure. Yeelight is now supporting third-party digital assistant to take control over the lamp. The developer has established Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Tasker, and IFTTT.


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