How to Convert HEIC Image Files to PNG File Format

Key takeaways:

  • HEIC is a high-efficiency image format used by Apple devices, offering better compression than JPEG without sacrificing quality
  • PNG is a widely supported image format that maintains high quality and supports transparency
  • Converting HEIC to PNG ensures better compatibility across various platforms and devices

HEIC (High Efficiency Image Container) is a relatively new image format introduced by Apple in iOS 11. It offers superior compression compared to JPEG, resulting in smaller file sizes without compromising image quality. However, HEIC is not as widely supported as other image formats like PNG, which can lead to compatibility issues when sharing photos with non-Apple users or uploading them to certain platforms.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to convert your HEIC images to PNG, don’t worry! There are several methods available, depending on your device and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore various ways to convert HEIC to PNG on different platforms.

Converting HEIC to PNG on Windows

For Windows users, converting HEIC to PNG is possible using built-in tools or third-party software. Here are a couple of options:

  1. Paint 3D (Windows 10 and later):
  • Right-click on the HEIC file and select “Open with” > “Paint 3D”
  • Click “Menu” > “Save as” > “Image”
  • Choose “PNG” from the “Save as type” dropdown and click “Save”
  1. Third-party HEIC converters: There are several free and paid HEIC converter tools available for Windows, such as:
  • iMazing HEIC Converter
  • CopyTrans HEIC for Windows
  • HEIC to JPEG

These tools offer a user-friendly interface and support batch conversion, making the process quick and efficient.

Converting HEIC to PNG on Mac

Mac users have it a bit easier when it comes to converting HEIC to PNG, thanks to the built-in Preview app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the HEIC file in Preview
  2. Click “File” > “Export”
  3. Choose “PNG” from the “Format” dropdown
  4. Select the desired quality and destination folder
  5. Click “Save”

For batch conversion on Mac, you can use the Automator app to create a custom workflow that converts multiple HEIC files to PNG at once.

Online HEIC to PNG Converters

If you prefer not to install any software, online HEIC to PNG converters are a convenient option. Some popular online tools include:

  • HEIC to PNG
  • CloudConvert
  • Convertio

These web-based converters allow you to upload your HEIC files, select PNG as the output format, and download the converted images. Keep in mind that online converters may have file size limits and require a stable internet connection.

Converting HEIC to PNG on iPhone and iPad

While iPhones and iPads use HEIC as the default image format, you can still convert your photos to PNG directly on the device using the Files app or third-party apps from the App Store.

Using the Files app:

  1. Open the Files app and locate the HEIC image
  2. Long-press on the image and select “Duplicate”
  3. Long-press on the duplicated image and choose “Rename”
  4. Change the file extension from “.heic” to “.png”
  5. Tap “Done”

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like HEIC Converter or HEIC to PNG to convert your images without the need for a computer.

Tips for Converting HEIC to PNG

  • When using online converters, be cautious about uploading sensitive or personal images, as the security and privacy policies may vary between services.
  • If you frequently need to convert HEIC to PNG, consider changing your iPhone or iPad’s camera settings to capture photos in JPEG format instead of HEIC. This can be done by going to Settings > Camera > Formats and selecting “Most Compatible.”
  • Some social media platforms and websites automatically convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG upon upload, so you may not always need to manually convert your files.

Converting HEIC to PNG is a straightforward process that ensures better compatibility and easier sharing of your images across various platforms and devices. By following the methods outlined in this article, you can quickly and easily convert your HEIC photos to PNG format, whether you’re using a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.


What is the difference between HEIC and PNG?

HEIC is a high-efficiency image format that offers better compression than JPEG, resulting in smaller file sizes without sacrificing quality. PNG is a widely supported image format that maintains high quality and supports transparency, making it ideal for web graphics and logos.

Why would I need to convert HEIC to PNG?

Converting HEIC to PNG is necessary when you need to share your images with people who use non-Apple devices or upload them to platforms that don’t support the HEIC format. PNG is more widely supported and ensures better compatibility across various devices and software.

Can I convert HEIC to PNG without losing quality?

Yes, converting HEIC to PNG maintains the image quality, as PNG is a lossless format. However, keep in mind that PNG files may have larger file sizes compared to HEIC due to the difference in compression methods.

Is it possible to batch convert multiple HEIC files to PNG at once?

Yes, many third-party HEIC converter tools and online converters support batch conversion, allowing you to convert multiple HEIC files to PNG simultaneously. This saves time and effort when dealing with a large number of images.

Are online HEIC to PNG converters safe to use?

While online HEIC to PNG converters are convenient, it’s essential to be cautious when uploading sensitive or personal images. Always check the privacy policy and terms of service of the online converter you choose to ensure the security of your files. If you have concerns about privacy, opt for offline conversion methods using trusted software or built-in tools on your device.