How to Craft Firework Rockets in Minecraft Game


Firework rockets are colorful explosive items that can be used for decoration or transportation in Minecraft. They produce dazzling displays when launched and can even give a boost when used with elytra wings. Crafting firework rockets is easy once you understand the system.

Firework Rocket Basics

A basic firework rocket consists of gunpowder and paper. The more gunpowder you add, the higher the rocket will fly before exploding. You can add 1-3 gunpowder to a single rocket.

To make a basic rocket:

  • Place 1 paper in the left slot of a crafting table
  • Place 1-3 gunpowder in the next slots
  • Drag the rocket to your inventory


Basic Firework Rocket Recipe

1 paper + 1 gunpowder = A rocket with 1 flight duration

Firework Stars

To customize the explosion effect of rockets, you need to add firework stars. These are crafted with gunpowder, dye, and special items like gold nuggets.

The color and type of burst depends on the items used to craft the firework star. You can add multiple dyes to make a multicolored explosion.

Example star recipes:

  • Gunpowder + Red Dye = Red explosion
  • Gunpowder + Feather = Large burst
  • Gunpowder + Gold Nugget = Star-shaped burst

Up to 8 dyes can be added to a single star. You can have up to 7 stars in a rocket.

Assembling Firework Rockets

To build a rocket with custom effects, place the required paper and gunpowder as usual, then add 1-7 firework stars in the remaining slots.


Firework Rocket with Stars

1 paper + 1 gunpowder + 3 firework stars = A rocket that will explode with the 3 star effects

The order of the stars does not matter. When launched, the rocket will explode with all the star effects simultaneously.

Launching Firework Rockets

To launch a rocket, equip it in your hotbar and right-click the ground. It will shoot into the sky and explode at the peak of flight.

  • Rockets used with elytra wings will give a boost in the direction you’re facing
  • Rockets shot from crossbows explode on impact

For the best views, launch many rockets simultaneously or automate launches with redstone and dispensers.

Advanced Firework Design

By combining various stars and launch methods, you can choreograph advanced firework shows:

Height Variation

  • Use 1, 2 and 3 gunpowder rockets to create explosions at different heights

Timing Control

  • Use redstone circuits to stagger launches

Special Shapes

  • Creeper, star and large ball shaped bursts

Colored Trails

  • Add diamonds to stars to create colored trails behind rockets

Burst Types

  • Feathers create bursting spheres, fire charges make huge explosions

With some redstone and command block knowledge, you can even play music in sync with the launch and explosions!

Step-by-Step Firework Crafting Guide

Follow these steps to craft your first customized firework rocket with stars:

1. Make Firework Stars

Place gunpowder, dye and special items (optional) in a crafting table:

Firework Star Recipe

Example: Gunpowder + Red Dye + Gold Nugget = Red star-shaped star

Repeat with different dyes to create more stars.

2. Make the Firework Rocket

Place paper, gunpowder, and 1-7 stars in a crafting table:

Firework Rocket Recipe

Example: 1 Paper + 1 Gunpowder + 2 Stars from previous step

3. Launch and Enjoy!

Right-click to launch your new custom firework!

Experiment with different combinations of stars, dyes, and gunpowder amounts. Let your imagination run wild!


With the techniques covered here, you should now understand the basics of crafting and customizing firework rockets in Minecraft. From simple rockets to choreographed displays, fireworks are a colorful way to celebrate events or decorate your builds. Just be careful not to stand too close when launching!