How to Create Additional Calendar Accounts in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an incredibly useful tool for organizing your schedule and coordinating events. With multiple calendar support, you can manage separate calendars for work, personal life, family activities, and more. Here is a guide on how to create and manage additional calendar accounts in Google Calendar.

Benefits of Multiple Calendars

Having multiple calendars allows you to:

  • Separate different areas of your life (work, personal, family, etc.)
  • Customize settings and permissions for each calendar
  • Share specific calendars with others
  • View only certain calendars when needed to reduce clutter

This keeps you organized and improves your ability to manage your time.

Creating Additional Calendars

Creating a new calendar is simple:

On Desktop

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. In the left sidebar, click the + button next to “Other Calendars”
  3. Select “Create New Calendar”
  4. Give the calendar a name and description
  5. Adjust time zone if needed
  6. Click “Create Calendar”

On Mobile

  1. Open the Google Calendar app
  2. Tap the ≡ menu icon
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Tap “Add Calendar”
  5. Select “Create New Calendar”
  6. Name and describe the calendar
  7. Adjust time zone if needed
  8. Tap “Create Calendar”

Repeat these steps to create as many additional calendars as needed.

Customizing Calendar Settings

Each Google Calendar has its own settings that you can customize:

On Desktop

  1. In the left sidebar, hover over a calendar
  2. Click the 3-dot menu icon
  3. Select “Settings and sharing”
  4. Customize options for calendar details, notifications, permissions, etc.

On Mobile

  1. Tap the ≡ menu icon
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Tap the calendar to customize
  4. Edit settings as desired

Some key settings to adjust:

  • Color – Set a color to easily distinguish different calendars
  • Time zone – Useful for calendars tracking events in other time zones
  • Permissions – Choose who can view or edit the calendar
  • Notifications – Get notifications about this calendar’s events

Sharing Calendars

To collaborate with others, you can share whole calendars instead of individual events.

Share with Specific People

  1. Open the calendar’s settings
  2. Under “Share with specific people,” click Add people
  3. Enter email addresses
  4. Set permissions for each person
  5. Click Send

Those people will receive an email allowing them to add your calendar.

Make Public

You can share a calendar with anyone:

  1. In the calendar settings, go to “Access permissions”
  2. Check Make available to public
  3. Select permissions and get a shareable link
  4. Send the link to share access

People with the link can then view or subscribe to your public calendar.

Tips for Managing Multiple Calendars

  • Color code – Use colors to distinguish different calendars
  • Create calendar groups – Collapse multiple calendars into color-coded groups
  • Show/hide calendars – Temporarily show/hide calendars from view
  • Share selectively – Only share certain calendars instead of all
  • Use calendar categories – Assign categories to events to filter calendars
  • Set working hours – Limit time suggestions to working hours

Keeping your additional calendars organized takes a bit of work, but pays off hugely in terms of better time management. Follow these best practices for Google Calendar to get the most out of multiple calendars.


The ability to create multiple calendar accounts is an invaluable advantage of Google Calendar. From customizing configurations to sharing select calendars, this expands your organizational capabilities considerably. Implement the guidance in this article to keep additional calendars optimized for productivity. Let Google Calendar’s robust multiple account support streamline coordinating everything you have scheduled.