How to De-duplicate Photos in Amazon Photos

Having duplicate photos in your Amazon Photos account can be annoying. It takes up unnecessary storage space and makes organizing your photo library more difficult. Fortunately, Amazon Photos has some useful tools to help you find and remove duplicate photos. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the various methods to effectively de-duplicate your Amazon Photos based on my experience as a tech writer.

Why Remove Duplicate Photos from Amazon Photos

Here are some key reasons you should remove duplicate photos in Amazon Photos:

  • Save storage space: Duplicate photos unnecessarily consume your storage quota. Deleting them frees up space for new photos and videos. This is especially important if you’re a non-Prime member with just 5GB of free space.
  • Avoid clutter: Having too many near-identical copies of the same photo makes browsing and organizing your library tedious. Removing duplicates declutters your collection.
  • Easier sharing: When sharing albums or photos with friends and family, duplicates just clog up the feed. It’s better to share a clean, non-repetitive collection.
  • Enhanced search: With fewer duplicate images, you can find specific photos faster with Amazon Photos’ search feature. The image recognition also works better.

Sync Amazon Photos to Your Computer

The easiest way to manage duplicates in Amazon Photos is by using duplicate finder software on your Windows or Mac computer. But first, you need to sync your Amazon Photos library locally:

  1. Install the Amazon Photos desktop app and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to Preferences > Sync and enable sync to download photos.
  3. Choose folders to sync then click Start Sync. Wait for sync to complete.

Once synced, you can use specialized software to find and remove duplicates, with the changes automatically reflected in your cloud storage.

Use Duplicate Finder Software

The best approach for de-duplicating Amazon Photos is by using intelligent duplicate photo finder software. It automatically scans your local folders and accurately detects duplicate as well as similar photos.

You can then easily select and delete the duplicate photos in bulk. The software syncs the removal with your Amazon Photos storage.

Key features

  • Automatically finds duplicate and similar photos
  • Allows previewing photo duplicates side-by-side
  • Selectively deletes unwanted duplicate photos
  • Supports bulk removal of multiple duplicates
  • Syncs deletion to Amazon cloud storage

I recommend using Cisdem DuplicateFinder as it reliably de-duplicates photos on both Windows and Mac computers.

Manually Remove Duplicates from Amazon Photos

You can also manually look through your photos on Amazon Photos and delete duplicate copies one by one. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to your Amazon Photos account online.
  2. Under ‘Your Photos’, enable thumbnail view for easier scanning.
  3. Carefully browse all photos to identify exact duplicate copies.
  4. Hover over a duplicate photo and select the tick icon.
  5. Click “Move to trash” and confirm deletion.

While manual removal ensures you only delete intended duplicates, it can be extremely tedious and time-consuming if you have a lot of photos to go through.

Using software is much more efficient.

Tips to Avoid Duplicates in Amazon Photos

Here are some useful ways to minimize duplicate photos in the future:

Turn off Auto-Save

Auto-save automatically uploads all device photos to the cloud. Turning it off lets you manually select photos before upload.

Organize by Date/Album

Organize your library into date wise or event/trip-based albums. This grouping makes spotting duplicates easier.

Delete Old Device Copies

When you upgrade phones, delete all photos from the old device to avoid uploading copies already in the cloud.

Consolidate Multiple Accounts

If you have Amazon Photos accounts across various email IDs, consolidate everything into a single account.

FAQs About De-Duplicating Amazon Photos

Q: Does Amazon Photos have an inbuilt duplicate finder?

A: No, Amazon Photos does not automatically detect or remove duplicates. You need to use third-party software.

Q: What is the easiest way to remove duplicates from Amazon Photos?

A: The easiest approach is to use an intelligent duplicate photo finder tool like Cisdem DuplicateFinder. It automates the entire process.

Q: Can I recover deleted photos from Amazon Photos?

A: No. Amazon Photos does not have a recovery option. Deleted photos are permanently removed, so be cautious when deleting.

Q: Are there limits on Amazon Photos storage?

A: Yes. Non-Prime members get just 5GB free space. Prime members enjoy unlimited storage for photos and 5GB for videos.


I hope this detailed guide gives you a good understanding of why and how to effectively remove duplicate photos in your Amazon Photos library. Using the right duplicate finder software along with some prudent photo practices can help you keep Amazon cloud storage optimized. Let me know if you have any other questions!