How to Disable Annoying Automatic Wide Mode on Sony TVs

Sony TVs come with a feature called Automatic Wide Mode that automatically adjusts the aspect ratio and screen size when you change channels or input sources. This can be convenient, but sometimes Automatic Wide Mode chooses a display setting that stretches or zooms the picture too much, cutting off text or images on the edges. Fortunately, it’s easy to disable Automatic Wide Mode on your Sony TV.

What is Automatic Wide Mode

Automatic Wide Mode, sometimes labeled Auto Wide or just Wide Mode, is a feature on many Sony TVs that automatically adjusts the screen display when you change channels or switch between input sources like HDMI and streaming apps.

It attempts to choose the optimal display settings to prevent black bars and make sure the picture fills up the screen. However, Automatic Wide Mode doesn’t always choose the right display mode, often stretching or zooming the picture too much.

Problems Caused by Automatic Wide Mode

Here are some common issues caused by Automatic Wide Mode:

  • Stretched or distorted picture
  • Text or images cut off on the edges
  • Black bars on cinematic content
  • Differences between channels or inputs

Automatic Wide Mode tries to fill the screen, even if it means stretching a 4:3 picture to 16:9. It can also zoom in and cut off text or images on the edges.

You may get inconsistent experiences between watching cable TV versus Netflix or PlayStation. Automatic Wide Mode makes independent choices for each input.

How to Disable Automatic Wide Mode

It only takes a few simple steps to disable Automatic Wide Mode on your Sony TV:

Using the Remote Control

  1. Press the Wide Mode, Aspect Ratio, Screen Mode, or Display button on your Sony remote control. This brings up a menu of display settings.
  2. Cycle through the options until you reach Normal or Original mode, which disables Automatic Wide Mode.

Using the TV Settings Menu

  1. Open the TV settings menu, usually by pressing the Home or Settings button.
  2. Navigate to Display, Screen, or Picture settings.
  3. Find the Auto Wide or Wide Mode setting.
  4. Turn Auto Wide/Wide Mode off or change it to Original/Normal.

Now Automatic Wide Mode is disabled system-wide for all channels, inputs, and streaming apps. Your Sony TV will maintain the original aspect ratio without unwanted stretching or zooming on all sources.

Setting a Manual Display Mode

In addition to just disabling Automatic Wide Mode entirely, you can also manually choose a display setting that works well for each input or channel.

For example, you could set your HDMI inputs to Full or 16:9 to fill the screen. For cable TV, Normal or 4:3 Original may look best to avoid stretching.

Try enabling Automatic Wide Mode but cycling through the different manual display presets to choose what looks best for each input before disabling Automatic changes altogether.

Extra Options to Adjust the Display

Aside from Wide Mode, Sony TVs have a few additional display settings you can tweak:

  • Screen Position: Adjust the vertical and horizontal position if the picture doesn’t fit
  • 4:3 Default: Choose the default mode for 4:3 content
  • Display Area: Change between full pixel or overscan
  • Vertical Size: Adjust the vertical stretch

Explore your Sony TV’s settings menu for controls like these. Combine manual display presets with options like the vertical size for even more control.


If Automatic Wide Mode is choosing poor display settings on your Sony TV, you can easily disable it in the settings menu or by pressing the Wide Mode button on supported remotes.

Try different manual display presets for the best experience with each input source and channel. Tweak related options like the screen position and vertical size too.

With Automatic Wide Mode disabled, you can enjoy consistent display settings tailored to your preferences across all content on your Sony TV. No more annoying automatic changes stretching, zooming or cutting off the picture.