How to Display and Pinpoint XYZ Coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition

Knowing your coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition is extremely useful for navigation, locating important areas, and executing commands. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about displaying, reading, and utilizing XYZ coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition.

What are XYZ Coordinates?

Minecraft worlds are divided into XYZ coordinates to pinpoint locations:

  • X – East/West position
  • Y – Height/Vertical position
  • Z – North/South position

Positive X values go east, negative values go west. Positive Y values go up, negative go down. Positive Z values go south, negative go north.

For example, the coordinates 1000 64 -5000 would describe a location 1000 blocks east, 64 blocks above sea level, and 5000 blocks north of the world’s origin point of X=0, Y=0, Z=0.

Displaying Coordinates in Minecraft Java

There are two methods to display coordinates in Minecraft Java Edition:

F3 Debug Screen

The easiest way is by pressing F3 on your keyboard. This brings up the debug screen overlay which displays your precise coordinates in the top left:

Debug Screen Coordinates

On some keyboards you may need to press Fn + F3 instead.

To hide the debug screen, press F3 again.

Coordinates Mods

There are also mods like Coordinates Display that add an coordinates overlay without enabling the full debug screen.

Reading XYZ Coordinates

Now that you can display coordinates, here is how to interpret them:

  • X – Increasing positive numbers go east, decreasing negative numbers go west.
  • Y – Increasing positive numbers go up, decreasing negative numbers go down.
  • Z – Increasing positive numbers go south, decreasing negative numbers go north.

For example, the coordinates 1000 64 -5000:

  • X=1000 – 1000 blocks east of origin
  • Y=64 – 64 blocks above sea level
  • Z=-5000 – 5000 blocks north of origin

Teleporting to Coordinates

You can teleport your player to specific XYZ coordinates using the /tp command:

/tp 1000 64 -5000

This will instantly teleport your player to those exact coordinates.

You can also combine XYZ coordinates with tilde notation to teleport relative to your current position:

/tp ~10 ~5 ~-15

This will teleport you 10 blocks east, 5 blocks up, and 15 blocks north of your current position.

Executing Commands at Coordinates

You can run commands at specific coordinates using /execute:

/execute at 1000 64 -5000 run say Hello world!

This will execute the say command at the given coordinates, displaying “Hello world!” from that location.

Combine with tilde notation to execute commands relative to coordinates:

/execute at ~ ~ ~10 run setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:stone

This will place a stone block 10 blocks north of the command’s execution point.

Finding Points of Interest

Displaying and utilizing coordinates is extremely helpful for locating points of interest in your Minecraft world.

When you find something you want to be able to return to later, like your base, a village, temple, mineshaft, etc. take note of the XYZ coordinates.

You can then teleport back to those coordinates whenever needed using /tp. Or execute commands relative to that location using execute + tilde notation.

Mapping Your World

Hardcore players might want to map their world’s points of interest using coordinates.

Create a spreadsheet, text file, or app listing key locations with their XYZ coordinates. Add a description like “My Base”, “Village”, or “Mineshaft”.

You can then easily reference your map to teleport around important areas using /tp, or build command systems using /execute that interact with those mapped locations.


Learning how to display and utilize XYZ coordinates unlocks unlimited potential in Minecraft Java Edition.

You can precisely navigate worlds, build coordinate-based systems, map servers, execute remote commands, and automate tasks tied to specific locations.

So open that F3 debug screen and start mastering coordinates! Just be careful not to get too lost in those endless Minecraft worlds.