How To Display Your Current Roblox Game on Discord Profile

Playing games with friends is always more fun, and letting your Discord friends know what Roblox game you’re currently playing makes it easy for them to join you. Displaying your Roblox game on your Discord profile is a simple process that takes just a few minutes to set up.


To display your Roblox game on Discord, you’ll need:

  • A Discord account
  • Discord desktop app installed
  • A Roblox account
  • Roblox game launched on your PC

Enable Discord Activity Status

The first step is enabling activity status in your Discord settings:

  1. Open the Discord desktop app
  2. Click on the settings icon (gear icon)
  3. Go to “Activity Settings”
  4. Toggle “Display current activity as a status message” to the ON position

This allows Discord to display your current activity, like the game you’re playing, as your status message for all your Discord friends to see.

Launch Your Roblox Game

With activity status enabled in Discord, launch the Roblox game you want to display:

  1. Go to and log into your account
  2. Browse or search for the game you want to play
  3. Click on the green “Play” button to launch the game
  4. Once loaded, minimize the game by clicking the minimize button

Important: Keep the game open and running in the background for your status to stay active.

Confirm Discord Status

The last step is confirming Roblox displays properly in your Discord status:

  1. Switch to the Discord app
  2. Check your profile status on a Discord server
  3. You should now see “Playing ROBLOX”
  4. Click your profile to see how long you’ve been playing

If Roblox does not show, or shows another game, try restarting both apps. You can also manually add Roblox as a game by following the steps below.

Manually Adding Roblox

In some cases Discord won’t automatically detect Roblox, requiring you to manually add it:

  1. In Discord, go to User Settings > Activity Status
  2. Click “Add It”
  3. Search for “Roblox”
  4. Select Roblox from the search results
  5. Click “Add Game”

Now Roblox will display in your status whenever you have the game launched.

Joining Friends in Roblox

Beyond displaying your activity status, connecting your Discord and Roblox accounts allows for some cool features:

Roblox Party Invites

If your Roblox friends are in Discord, you can send them a party invite directly from Discord chat. No need to copy and paste the game link!

Rich Presence Data

Discord bots like RoVer display rich presence data in your status like the specific Roblox game you’re in. Friends can then easily join that exact game server.

Cross-Platform Parties

Form gaming parties across platforms. Launch Roblox on PC while your friends play on Xbox or mobile. Cross-platform parties keep everyone together.

Troubleshooting Issues

Here are some common issues and fixes for displaying your Roblox status:

Roblox not appearing automatically – Manually add Roblox as a game in your Discord activity settings.

Status not updating – Restart both Discord and Roblox apps to refresh the connection.

Shows wrong game – Close out other running games/apps that could be detected instead.

Doesn’t work on mobile – Activity status only works for games played on PC, not mobile devices.

Shows “unknown application” – Disable streamer mode in Discord settings which hides specific game names.

Custom Statuses

If you want to display a custom status message instead of your Roblox game, you can set that as well:

  1. In Discord, click on your profile
  2. Select “Set a custom status”
  3. Type your custom message
  4. Click “Save”

This will display your custom message to all your Discord friends instead of the Roblox activity status.

Final Thoughts

Connecting your Roblox and Discord accounts is fast and simple while unlocking some cool features for playing together with friends. Displaying your Roblox game status serves as a great invitation for others to join in on the fun.

Try adding other games and apps to your activity status too. This keeps your Discord friends aware of what you’re currently doing across all your devices and makes it easier than ever to connect in real-time!