How To Drop and Discard Items in Roblox Games

Roblox games allow players to collect, equip, and use a variety of items during gameplay. However, players’ inventories can become cluttered over time. Knowing how to properly drop and discard unwanted items is an important skill in Roblox.

Opening Your Inventory

To drop or discard items, you first need to open your inventory. Here are the steps:

  • Press the ` key (located below the Esc key) on your keyboard to open the inventory window.
  • On Xbox, press down on the D-pad to open your inventory.
  • On mobile devices, tap the chat/inventory icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Dropping Items

Once your inventory is open, dropping items is simple:

  • PC/Mac: Click on the item you want to drop so it is equipped in your hand. Then press the Backspace key on your keyboard. The item will be dropped in front of your character.
  • Xbox: Equip the item in your hand, then press the B button on your controller.
  • Mobile: Equip the item, then tap the Backspace key on your on-screen keyboard multiple times.

Note: Dropping items is not supported in all Roblox games. If pressing Backspace doesn’t work, dropping is likely disabled on that particular server.

Discarding Items

If you want to permanently delete an item from your inventory, you can discard it:

  • PC/Mac: Right click the item in your inventory and choose Discard from the menu.
  • Xbox: Press the X button while hovering over the item.
  • Mobile: Tap and hold the item, then choose Discard.

Discarded items are permanently removed from your inventory and can no longer be recovered. Only discard items you are absolutely certain you no longer need.

Why Drop Items?

Here are some of the main reasons Roblox players need to drop items:

  • Trading with other players – Dropped items can be picked up and traded by other players. Coordinate item drops with friends to exchange goods.
  • Clearing inventory space – Inventories fill up quickly, especially with common items like wood, stone, ores etc. Dropping these extra materials clears room for more valuable items.
  • Placing decoys – Some players use cheap duplicate items as decoys to distract enemies in PvP games. Dropping items places them strategically around the environment.

Tips for Managing Your Inventory

  • Set up your inventory with folders, sorting items by type, rarity, etc to stay organized.
  • Rotate out common materials on a regular basis so rare items don’t get buried.
  • Store extra items you want to keep in alternate storage chests.
  • Evaluate items routinely and discard those no longer needed.

Keeping your Roblox inventory clean and organized takes some effort but pays off hugely in the long run. You’ll waste less time searching for items and have room to acquire more valuable loot during your gaming adventures!


Knowing how to properly drop and discard inventory items is an essential Roblox skill. By pressing the Backspace key with an item equipped, opening your inventory to discard items permanently, and organizing your storage efficiently, you’ll be able to manage your Roblox items like a pro. Keep these inventory management tips in mind to maximize your enjoyment of the game!