How to Drop and Get Rid of Items in Dead by Daylight Game

Items are an important part of gameplay in Dead by Daylight. As a survivor, you can find items in chests scattered across the map or unlock them via the Bloodweb. Items allow you to gain advantages during trials, such as healing yourself faster with a Med-Kit or blinding the Killer to make a quick escape.

However, sometimes you may want to intentionally drop an item you’re carrying. Here are some reasons why:

  • The Killer has Franklin’s Demise, which causes you to drop any item you are carrying when hit
  • You want to transfer a high-rarity item to another survivor
  • You have a challenge to escape without an item
  • You simply don’t need the item anymore

Additionally, for Killers, there are a couple reasons you may want to force survivors to drop their items:

  • Franklin’s Demise perk
  • Lightborn perk blocks effectiveness of items like Flashlights

How to Drop Items as a Survivor

Dropping an item you are carrying is easy:

  • On PC: Press the R key
  • On PS4: Press the Circle button
  • On Xbox: Press the B button

When you drop an item, it will fall to the ground at your feet. Be careful not to drop items accidentally in unsafe situations!

Here are some key things to know about dropping items in trials:

  • Dropped items remain on the map for 2 minutes, allowing them to be picked up again
  • Other survivors can take your dropped item
  • The Killer can pick up and destroy dropped items
  • Dropped items disappear when the trial ends

Getting Rid of Unwanted Items from Your Inventory

If your survivor item inventory is cluttered with things you don’t want, you have a couple options to clear them out:

  • Prestige your character – When you prestige, all items/add-ons for that character are destroyed and replaced with bloodpoints
  • Use offerings on the Bloodweb – Some offerings allow you to destroy multiple items/add-ons from your inventory
  • Let the Entity consume nodes – If you don’t purchase certain nodes, the Entity may consume them and destroy those items

However, there is no direct way to delete specific items from your inventory. You can avoid accumulating unwanted items by not taking them from chests or claiming them from the Bloodweb.

Franklin’s Demise Perk Explained

The Killer perk Franklin’s Demise causes survivors to drop any item they are holding when they are hit by a basic attack.

  • At tier I, dropped items can be picked up again after 150 seconds
  • At tier III, dropped items can be picked up after 90 seconds
  • The perk has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds between uses

So if you want survivors to drop their items as Killer, equip Franklin’s Demise! It hard counters item-reliant survivors.


  • Dropping items as survivor is easy – just press R/Circle/B button
  • Dropped items can be picked up again, so be careful where you drop valuable items
  • Prestige and offerings can help clear out unwanted items from your inventory
  • Franklin’s Demise forces survivors to drop items when hit and is great for countering flashlights, keys, etc.

I hope this guide gave you all the tips you need to effectively drop and get rid of items in Dead by Daylight matches! Use this knowledge to your advantage.