How to Earn Credits Currency in Rocket League Games

As an avid Rocket League player with over 500 hours of gameplay, I have learned the ins and outs of the in-game economy and how to earn credits, the premium currency used to purchase cosmetic items. In this comprehensive guide, I will share my tips and strategies for new and experienced players alike to start building up their credit balance.

Purchase Credits Directly

The most straightforward way to get credits is to simply purchase them directly from the in-game store. Credits can be bought in bundles starting at 500 credits for $4.99. The more you spend, the better the exchange rate, with the largest bundle providing 6500 credits for $49.99 ($0.007 per credit). Purchased credits can then be used to trade with other players or buy featured items from the daily item shop.

Trade Items with Other Players

Once you meet some basic requirements, you can enable cross-platform trading and exchange items directly with other players for credits. Popular trading sites like RL Garage and RL Exchange allow you to list your available items and find trade partners. Take the time to research accurate prices for items before trading to get the best deals. This is the main way to earn credits without spending real money.

Complete Challenges

Rocket League provides new challenges every week that reward you with items upon completion. While most challenge rewards are untradeable, you will occasionally receive items like unique rocket boosts that can be traded with others for credits. Challenges are available for free, making them a reliable way to slowly build up your inventory of tradable items.

Progress through Rocket Pass

The Rocket Pass is Rocket League’s version of a battle pass that provides cosmetic items as you gain XP and rank up. The free version includes decent rewards, while the premium Rocket Pass purchased for 1000 credits ($9.99) accelerates your item earnings tremendously. Every 12 tiers in the premium pass earns you 100 credits, allowing you to recoup the cost of the pass, and then some if you complete enough tiers.

Watch RLCS Streams

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) streams high-level professional gameplay on Twitch and YouTube. Watching live matches will randomly reward you with Fan Rewards – special edition wheels, decals, boosts and more that can be traded for credits. Be sure to link your platform account for a chance to earn these exclusive items.

Enter Giveaways and Contests

Many Rocket League fan sites and content creators will sponsor item giveaways and contests, especially around new release dates and esports events. For example, you may have to join a Discord channel and react to a post for a chance to win credits or rare items to trade. It takes some effort to enter but can pay off nicely.

Offer Coaching Services

If you’ve achieved Champion rank or higher, many players will pay credits for quality coaching to improve their skills. Offer replay analysis, live 1v1 matches, or general tips sessions. Most coaches charge around 1000-2000 credits per hour, providing an avenue to convert your expertise into tradable credits. List your services on sites like GamerCoach to connect with interested students.

Invest in Popular Items

The Rocket League market fluctuates like any other economy, with certain items rising and falling in value over time. By monitoring price trends and community demand, you can buy low and sell high. For example, investing in newly discontinued items from the item shop like the White Dominus can net major returns. It takes some upfront credits but allows you to play the market.

As you gain more experience with trading and the economy, additional advanced strategies open up. You can specialize in certain high-value items like Black Market decals and Titanium White exotic wheels to generate major credit profits. Or manipulate supply and demand around new drops to control prices. But focus on mastering the essential methods here first.

With the tips in this guide, you now have all the tools needed to start earning credits and purchasing awesome cosmetic items without spending real money. Trading with others is the most consistent approach, so build up your inventory by playing regularly and progressing through the Rocket Pass. In no time you’ll be decking out your battle-car with sick designs and leaving opponents stunned. Now get out there, make some credits and style on your competition!