How to Earn Gems on Hypixel Minecraft Server

Gems are an integral part of the popular Hypixel Skyblock gamemode. They allow players to purchase valuable items and upgrades to progress faster in the game. However, gems require real-life money to acquire. Here are some effective methods to earn gems without spending any money:

Get a Job and Buy Gems

The most straightforward approach is to get a real-life job, earn money, and use it to buy gems. Here are the steps:

1. Apply for a Job

Look for entry-level jobs in food service, retail, delivery, etc. that pay minimum wage or higher. Getting hired is easiest if you have some prior work experience.

2. Earn Money

Once employed, work hard and accumulate your earnings. Avoid spending it on other things. You’ll need around $100 to get a meaningful amount of gems.

3. Buy Gem Bundles

Visit the Hypixel store and purchase one of the gem bundles, applying a content creator code for a 5% discount. The 13,500 gem bundle for $100 is the best value.

4. Spend Gems in Skyblock

In Skyblock, visit the NPC named Benedict near the Bank to browse items you can buy with gems. Prioritize Cookie upgrades for money making.

Trading In-game Items for Gems

You can trade Skyblock items and coins to other players in exchange for gems. Rarer items fetch better gem prices.

1. Farm Valuable Items

Farm items like Enchanted Diamond Blocks, Enchanted Golden Carrots, etc. using Minions or manual farming. These tend to sell for higher gem prices.

2. Price Check Items

Check Skyblock forums and Discord servers to gauge the current gem price ranges for different items. Price them accordingly.

3. Find Gem Buyers

Advertise your items in trading Discords and the Skyblock forums. You can also directly trade players buying gems.

4. Trade Safely

While trading, exercise caution against scammers. Consider using a middleman service for expensive trades. Trade in small increments if needed.

Participate in Giveaways

Various Skyblock content creators and communities host gem giveaways. Participating in these can earn you free gems.

1. Join Discords

Join active Skyblock Discord servers like those of YouTubers and guilds. These frequently hold gem giveaways.

2. Follow Giveaway Rules

Read and carefully follow all giveaway terms set by the host. Common requirements are inviting others, subscribing, etc.

3. Increase Your Chances

The more giveaways you participate in, the better your chances of winning. Also try being an active positive member.

4. Claim Your Reward

If picked as a winner, follow the host’s instructions to provide your IGN and claim your gem prize.

Other Methods

Some other options to earn gems include:

  • Become a content creator yourself and get sent gems from Hypixel.
  • Develop useful mods, resource packs, etc. and earn community gifts of gems.
  • Provide services like coaching and guides in exchange for gems.
  • Participate in server events when gems are handed out as prizes.

What to Spend Gems On

Once you’ve earned gems through the above techniques, here’s what to spend them on:

Cookie Upgrades

  • Most profitable investment for boosting your money making
  • Prioritize additional slots then better boosts

Bazaar and Auction Purchases

  • Buy underpriced but valuable items
  • Resell at higher prices for profit

Direct Upgrades

  • Magic Find and Accessory Bag for early game
  • Minion Expander and Fuel Tank for passive income

Vanity Items

  • Lobby gadgets and cosmetics to show off
  • Save some gems for limited-time offers

By following the methods listed in this guide, you can earn a good amount of gems without spending real money. The key is to work hard at either a job, in-game farming, or community participation. Spend your earned gems wisely to maximize your Skyblock progression.