How to Enable Dark Mode in Roblox Game Studio

Roblox Game Studio is an incredibly powerful platform for creating and customizing Roblox games. However, the default light theme can cause eye strain and headaches after prolonged use. Fortunately, Studio provides a “Dark Mode” to enhance the visual appeal and improve usability.

This article will guide you through enabling dark mode in Studio, optimizing the theme, customizing the script editor, and implementing a dark theme in your games.

Benefits of Using Dark Mode in Roblox Studio

Here are some key benefits of enabling dark mode:

  • Reduces eye strain – Staring at a bright screen for hours can cause headaches and fatigue. The dark theme has lower brightness to prevent this.
  • Enhances focus – Dark backgrounds have greater contrast with the Studio interface and script text, improving concentration.
  • Matches operating system – If your OS is already in dark mode, Studio can match it for consistency.
  • Customizable appearance – Studio provides granular control over editor colors, selection highlights, etc.
  • Improved games – Implementing dark themes in your game UIs enhances the experience for users.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Studio

Enabling dark mode is simple:

  1. Open Roblox Studio
  2. Press Alt + S to open Studio Settings
  3. Under the Studio category, locate the Theme option
  4. Change the drop-down value to Dark
  5. Click Close to apply the dark theme

Alternatively, with a project open, navigate to File > Studio Settings and locate the Theme option as outlined above.

Customizing the Dark Theme

To further optimize Studio’s appearance, customize these settings:

Script Editor

Under the Script Editor category:

  • Font – Change font face and size
  • Tab Width – Set tab indent spacing
  • Indent Using Spaces – Use spaces for indentation
  • Text Wrapping – Enable wrapping for long lines
  • Color Preset – Select a color scheme

Individual Colors

Locate the following custom color options:

  • Editor Background – Script editor background
  • Selection Color – Highlight color for selections
  • Comment Color – Color for code comments
  • Keyword Color – Color for language keywords

Tweak them to your preference to enhance editor readability.

Implementing Dark Themes in Games

To allow your game users to select a dark theme:

  1. Create a Boolean value to store the state
  2. Add a UI toggle to enable/disable dark mode
  3. On toggle, set backgrounds, text, etc to darker colors

For example:

local darkModeEnabled = false

local function toggleDarkMode()
  darkModeEnabled = not darkModeEnabled

  if darkModeEnabled then
    mainFrame.BackgroundColor3 =, 0.1, 0.1)
    mainFrame.BackgroundColor3 =, 1, 1)

This allows you to reuse the same UI elements while switching their appearance.

Tips for Using Dark Mode Effectively

Follow these tips:

  • Use dark gray backgrounds rather than full black for readability
  • Ensure sufficient contrast between text and background colors
  • Be consistent with themes across your full UI
  • Provide users the option to select their preferred theme
  • Test in both light and dark modes during development


Enabling dark mode in Roblox Studio and your games delivers an improved experience for users while requiring minimal implementation effort. Be sure to fully customize the script editor colors and styles to optimize the theme to your personal preference.

With reduced eye strain, enhanced concentration, and happier users, dark mode is an invaluable option for any developer. Implement it today to level up your Studio workflow and take your games to the next level.