How To Exit and Leave Full Screen Mode in Parallels Virtual Machine App

Parallels Desktop is a popular virtualization software that allows you to run Windows, Linux, and other operating systems on your Mac without rebooting. It provides a seamless experience by integrating virtual machines with the macOS interface.

When running a virtual machine in full screen mode on Parallels Desktop, you may want to exit the full screen view and return back to the macOS desktop. Here are the steps to exit full screen mode on Parallels Desktop:

Use the Keyboard Shortcut

The easiest way is to use the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + F. Press these keys simultaneously and Parallels Desktop will exit the full screen view and return you to the macOS desktop with the virtual machine window open.

Use the Green Exit Button

When a virtual machine is in full screen view, move your mouse cursor to the top of the screen. This will make the Parallels Desktop menu bar visible. Click on the green exit button in the top left corner of the menu bar to exit full screen mode.

Use the View Menu

Alternatively, you can access the View menu in the Parallels Desktop menu bar at the top. Click on View > Exit Full Screen to leave the full screen view.

Customize a Shortcut to Exit Full Screen

If you want, you can set a custom keyboard shortcut to exit full screen mode:

  1. Open Parallels Desktop preferences
  2. Go to the Shortcuts tab
  3. Click the plus (+) button to add a new shortcut
  4. Set the shortcut keys you want for “Exit Full Screen”
  5. Click OK to save

Now you can use your own custom shortcut to easily exit full screen.

Tips for Using Full Screen Mode

Here are some additional tips for working with full screen mode in Parallels Desktop:

  • Use Mission Control gestures (swipe up with 3 fingers) on your trackpad to quickly switch between full screened apps
  • When in full screen, hover over the top of the screen to temporarily see the macOS menu bar
  • Set Parallels to automatically enter full screen mode when you start a virtual machine
  • Use multiple monitors for dedicated full screen spaces (one display for macOS, the other for your virtual machine)

How to Re-Enter Full Screen Mode

Once you have exited full screen, here is how you can return back to the full screen view for your virtual machine:

  • Click the green circular button in the top right corner of the virtual machine window
  • Right-click on the Windows icon in the Dock and select View > Enter Full Screen
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Command + Control + F again

So in summary, Parallels Desktop makes it very simple to enter and exit full screen mode with virtual machines. The key things to remember are:

  • Command + Control + F – Keyboard shortcut to exit/enter full screen
  • Green exit button – Click to exit full screen
  • View menu – Select exit/enter full screen
  • Customize your own shortcuts
  • Use Mission Control to quickly switch between Spaces

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about using full screen mode with Parallels Desktop:

Q: How do I run a virtual machine across multiple monitors?

A: In Parallels Desktop preferences, go to Options > Full Screen and check “Use all displays in full screen”. Now when you enter full screen, it will use all connected displays.

Q: Can I set a keyboard shortcut to exit coherence mode?

A: Yes, just like with full screen you can customize a shortcut to exit coherence. Go to Parallels Desktop preferences > Shortcuts and add a new shortcut command for “Exit Coherence”.

Q: Why does my mouse get stuck in the virtual machine in full screen?

A: Make sure the “Mouse Pointer Integration” feature is enabled in Parallels Desktop and the Parallels Tools are installed in your virtual machine for seamless mouse movement between operating systems.

Q: How do I stop Parallels from automatically entering full screen when starting my VM?

A: Disable this feature in your virtual machine’s settings. Go to Options > More Options and uncheck “Enter Full Screen mode automatically”.

Q: What’s the difference between full screen and coherence mode?

A: Full screen dedicates the entire screen space to your virtual machine. Coherence mode integrates your virtual machine apps directly into macOS. The Windows desktop and Start menu are hidden in coherence mode.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps explain everything you need to know about exiting and controlling full screen mode with the Parallels Desktop virtualization app on your Mac! Let me know if you have any other questions.