How to Exit Roku Streaming and Return to Regular Cable TV Input

Roku streaming devices and smart TVs provide easy access to thousands of streaming channels and apps. However, you may sometimes want to exit Roku and return to watching regular cable TV. Here are the steps to switch back to your cable TV input:

Turn Off the Roku Device

Roku devices are designed to stay on continuously for quick access and automatic updates. However, you can fully power them off if needed:

  • Unplug the power cord – The most reliable method is to physically unplug the power cord of the Roku player or stick. This cuts off all power.
  • Unplug HDMI cable – For Roku sticks, unplugging the HDMI cable from the TV will also turn it off completely.
  • Use device power settings – Some Roku players allow powering off from the Settings > System > Power menu. Select “Power off” or “Auto power savings”.

Once powered off, the Roku will stop streaming and allow switching to another input.

Switch to the Cable Box Input

Use your TV remote to change inputs and select the port connected to your cable box:

  • Press Input/Source button – Most TV remotes have a dedicated Input or Source button to cycle through different ports.
  • Navigate to Input settings – For smart TVs, use the on-screen menu to locate the Inputs section and select your cable box input.
  • Identify cable box port – If unsure, check behind the TV to identify which port the cable box HDMI or coaxial cable connects to, then select it.
  • Try all ports – Toggle through HDMI1, HDMI2, etc and coaxial cable input while powered off until live TV appears.

Alternative: Use Cable Provider App

Many cable providers now offer streaming apps for Roku and other platforms. Instead of switching inputs, you can:

  • Download your cable provider’s Roku app
  • Sign in with cable subscription credentials
  • Stream live TV through the app without needing the cable box

This allows accessing cable on Roku without input switching. Check with your provider for availability.

Tips for Future Use

  • Leave Roku plugged in to avoid repeat setup
  • Add cable box input to Home screen or Favorite Channels for quick access
  • Use universal remote or smart remote app to easily switch inputs
  • Label HDMI ports with cable box connection for easy identification

With simple input switching, you can easily exit Roku streaming and return to regular cable TV. Follow the steps above or use your cable provider’s streaming app.

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