How to Farm Legendary Shards in Destiny 2

Legendary shards are one of the most important currencies in Destiny 2. They are used to purchase upgrades, weapons, armor, and more. However, legendary shards can be difficult to obtain, especially for new players. This comprehensive guide will teach you the best methods for farming legendary shards efficiently.

Dismantle Unused Gear

The easiest way to get legendary shards is by dismantling unused legendary or exotic gear from your vault and inventory.

  • Legendary weapons and armor dismantle into 3 legendary shards each
  • Exotic weapons and armor dismantle into 5 legendary shards each

Make sure to search through your entire vault, as veteran players likely have lots of unused gear stockpiled.

Legendary gear dismantles into 3 legendary shards
Exotic gear dismantles into 5 legendary shards 

Complete Challenging Activities

Earn legendary shards by completing various challenging endgame activities in Destiny 2:

  • Nightfall strikes – Complete on higher difficulties for increased rewards
  • Raids – Farm raid checkpoints that drop lots of legendary gear
  • Dungeons – Solo or 3-player activities with good legendary shard rewards
  • Crucible – Competitive PvP modes award legendary gear
  • Gambit – PvEvP hybrid mode awards legendary gear

Equip prosperity mods on your ghost to further boost legendary drops.

Rank Up Vendors

Improving your reputation ranking with the Tower vendors allows you to earn legendary engrams, which decrypt into legendary gear that dismantles into shards:

  • Zavala – Vanguard Ops playlist and Nightfall strikes
  • Shaxx – Crucible matches
  • Drifter – Gambit matches
  • Banshee-44 – Gunsmith materials turn-ins
Zavala - Vanguard Ops and Nightfall strikes 
Shaxx - Crucible matches
Drifter - Gambit matches
Banshee-44 - Gunsmith materials

Take Advantage of Season Pass Rewards

The premium Season Pass track grants bonuses for earning legendary shards:

  • Legendary Dismantle Bonus at rank 20 – +1 shard per dismantle
  • Legendary weapons and armor rewards – Dismantle for shards
Season Pass Rank 20 = Legendary Dismantle Bonus 
Season Pass Weapon/Armor Rewards = Dismantle for shards

Convert Glimmer into Shards

You can convert glimmer into legendary shards by:

  • Buying blue transmat effects from the Collections
  • Turning them into legendary effects at the Tower
  • Dismantling the legendary effects for shards

Spend Legendary Shards Wisely

Use your hard-earned legendary shards to purchase upgrades, materials, and gear:

| Item | Cost |
| Upgrade Module | 10 shards |
| Ascendant Alloy | 400 shards |
| Enhancement Prism | 400 shards |
| Exotic Engram | 97 shards |

Prioritize purchases carefully, as it takes significant time and effort to farm large quantities of legendary shards in Destiny 2.


Legendary Shard Icon

Legendary Shard Icon – Image from Destiny Wiki


With the tips in this guide, you now understand the most effective methods for accumulating legendary shards:

  • Dismantling unused gear
  • Completing challenging activities
  • Ranking up vendors
  • Utilizing Season Pass perks
  • Converting glimmer into shards
  • Spending shards wisely

Legendary shards are extremely valuable for upgrading gear, purchasing materials, and more in Destiny 2. Use these farming strategies to build a large stockpile over time. The more activities you complete using the tips above, the more legendary shards you’ll obtain.