How To Fix Steam Workshop Mods Failing to Download Issues

The Steam Workshop is an incredibly useful platform that allows gamers to easily download player-created mods to enhance their gaming experience. However, sometimes mods can fail to download properly leading to frustration. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the most common reasons for Steam Workshop download failures and provide solutions to get your mods downloading again.

Why Mods Fail to Download

There are a few key reasons why Steam Workshop mods may fail to download:

Corrupted Files

Corrupted files in the Steam Workshop folder or the game’s folder can prevent mods from downloading. Steam will refuse to download new mods until these corrupted files are addressed.

Too Many Downloads

If there are too many pending downloads in Steam’s queue, it can overwhelm the system and prevent new mods from downloading properly.

Incorrect Download Region

If your Steam download region does not match your physical location, it can sometimes block mod downloads.

Steam Beta Participation

Being enrolled in Steam’s beta program has been known to cause issues with Workshop downloads failing.

Network Issues

Of course, any kind of disrupted internet connectivity can also prevent Steam Workshop downloads from completing properly.

Solutions and Fixes

Here are the top solutions to try if you are experiencing Steam Workshop mods failing to download:

Delete Corrupted Mods

If some mods download fine while others get stuck, corrupted files may be to blame. Here’s how to remove them:

  • Exit Steam completely
  • Open File Explorer and navigate to Steam\steamapps\workshop
  • Delete any corrupted mods and leftover files
  • Restart Steam and verify integrity of game files

Deleting corrupted files forces Steam to re-download fresh copies of those mods.

Clear Download Cache

Too many pending Workshop downloads can overwhelm Steam. Clearing the cache may help:

  • Open Steam
  • Go to Steam > Settings > Downloads
  • Click “Clear Download Cache”
  • Restart Steam and subscribe to mods again

This deletes all temporary download files and gives you a clean slate.

Disable Steam Beta Participation

If you’re enrolled in the Steam beta program, opting out may fix Workshop issues:

  • Open Steam
  • Navigate to Steam > Settings > Account
  • Under Beta Participation select “None – Opt out…”
  • Restart Steam and try re-subscribing to mods

Switch Download Region

If your downloads are blocked, your Steam region may not match your location:

  • In Steam settings, go to the Downloads tab
  • Change the Download Region to your country
  • Restart Steam and attempt mod downloads again

This resolves region mismatch issues that can block downloads.

Reinstall Steam

If all else fails, completely uninstalling and reinstalling Steam as a last resort may get Workshop content downloading again:

  • Backup game saves and other important files
  • Uninstall Steam
  • Delete the Steam folder and any leftover files/folders
  • Reinstall Steam and log into your account
  • Subscribe to mods again

This gives you a completely fresh Steam installation to hopefully fix any lingering issues.

Preventing Download Issues

To help avoid Steam Workshop headaches in the future:

  • Avoid subscribing to too many mods at once
  • Periodically verify game files to catch corrupted data
  • Opt out of Steam client beta programs
  • Monitor download speeds and region settings
  • Update graphics drivers and other software

Following these tips will help minimize mod download issues going forward so you can enjoy Steam Workshop benefits without the frustrations.


Fixing Steam Workshop download issues may require some trial and error with the above solutions. Clearing the download cache, removing corrupted files, and adjusting software/network settings are good starting points. If problems persist, fully reinstalling Steam often helps by resetting everything to factory conditions when all else fails.

Applying the appropriate fix for your specific situation will hopefully get those Steam mods downloading properly again. Just be patient and systematically work through these solutions. Before long, you’ll be enhancing your games with all the great Steam Workshop content available.