How To Heal Faster in Apex Legends Battle Royale

As an avid Apex Legends player with over 500 hours of gameplay, I’ve learned that healing efficiently is one of the most important skills to master in order to improve your chances of survival and securing victories. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide tips and strategies to help you heal faster and more effectively in Apex Legends Battle Royale.

Understand the Healing Items

The first key is to understand the different healing items available in the game and how they function:

  • Syringes – Restore 25 health points. Use time: 5 seconds. Max stack: 6
  • Medkits – Restore 100 health points. Use time: 8 seconds. Max stack: 2
  • Shield Cells – Restore 25 shield points. Use time: 3 seconds. Max stack: 6
  • Shield Batteries – Restore 100 shield points. Use time: 5 seconds. Max stack: 2
  • Phoenix Kits – Restore 100 health and 100 shield. Use time: 10 seconds. Max stack: 1

As you can see, shield items heal faster than health items. So prioritize healing your shields first in most situations.

Heal While Moving

A key advantage in Apex Legends is that you can move and heal at the same time. Your movement speed is reduced while healing, but you can still reposition yourself. Utilize slides, jumps, and bounces while healing to make yourself a difficult target.

You can also “bunny hop” while healing – jump continuously while healing to maintain momentum from a previous slide or run. This is extremely useful for escaping dangerous situations or third parties while staying healthy.

Use Inventory Time Efficiently

When looting death boxes, prioritize healing items first before ammo or attachments. Having extra healing can save your life, while extra ammo is useless if you get knocked.

Also, if using a syringe or cells, don’t finish the full animation. Stop early once you get the health/shields you need in order to start moving and looting faster.

Leverage Team Synergies

Legends like Lifeline and Gibraltar have abilities that can heal their teammates. Make sure to leverage these as much as possible. Lifeline can drop a health drone that heals nearby teammates over time. And Gibraltar’s dome shield blocks enemy fire so you can heal safely. Communicate with your team and utilize these abilities together.

Know When to Heal vs Fight

Finally, you need to develop game sense on when to disengage and focus on healing rather than taking a risky fight. Some good rules of thumb:

  • If you get the enemy low but they get you lower, disengage and heal up before pushing again
  • If you barely survive a fight, don’t immediately push – take time to heal first
  • If taking heavy fire, get to cover first before trying to heal
  • Keep an eye on ring distance when healing – don’t get caught outside!

Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself healing faster, using inventory time more efficiently, and leveraging team synergies to improve your survivability and win rate in Apex Legends Battle Royale matches. Let me know if this guide helps you out! I’m always looking to improve my own gameplay as well.

My Background

I’m Mike, a long-time gamer who has been playing battle royale titles since the early PUBG days. I picked up Apex Legends on launch day back in 2019 and have been hooked ever since. With over 500 hours of game time, I’ve developed extensive knowledge on gameplay strategy and tactics.

My main legend is Wraith for her dimensional rift abilities, but I flex pick often depending on my squad composition. I have a 2.4 overall KD and average around 5-10 wins per week, primarily in Trios mode.

While I’m not a top tier pro player, I have devoted a lot of time analyzing my own gameplay and studying what the best players do to improve. I pay close attention to efficiency elements like healing, positioning, ability usage, etc. to try and raise my game. I love analyzing complex systems and finding ways to optimize – healing in Apex Legends is a great example.

Hopefully this guide brings some value to new or intermediate players looking to step up their healing game! Let me know if you have any other questions.