How to Hide Your Private Phone Number in WhatsApp Chats

Use a Secondary Phone Number

The best option is to sign up for WhatsApp using a secondary phone number from a service like Google Voice or TextNow. This keeps your real phone number private. You can then give out this secondary number to WhatsApp contacts.

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up for a free secondary number from Google Voice, TextNow, or a similar service.
  2. Install WhatsApp and use the secondary number to verify your account.
  3. Go through the verification process using your new number.
  4. You can now use WhatsApp to chat without revealing your personal phone number.

Frequently Change Your WhatsApp Number

You can also change your WhatsApp number as often as you want. This prevents people from having your actual number for very long.

To change your number:

  1. Get a new secondary number.
  2. Open WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Change Number.
  3. Enter your old and new number. Verify the new number.

Adjust Privacy Settings

WhatsApp has several privacy settings you can tweak to control what others see:

  • Profile Photo Visibility
  • Last Seen Status
  • Read Receipts

Enable these settings to limit visibility. However, your phone number will still be visible.


While you can’t completely hide your phone number on WhatsApp, using a secondary number and changing it often can help maximize privacy. Additionally, adjust privacy settings to limit what contacts can see. With these steps, you can chat on WhatsApp with increased anonymity.