How to Increase Company Logo Size on Shopify Stores

Having the right logo size is crucial for any online business. An appropriately sized logo helps reinforce brand recognition, establish trust, and create a professional appearance. However, when it comes to Shopify stores specifically, merchants often struggle with configuring their logo to the ideal dimensions.

In this article, we’ll explore tips and strategies for increasing company logo size on Shopify stores.

Why Logo Size Matters

Your logo is often the first visual element that visitors notice on your Shopify store. An adequately sized logo makes your brand instantly recognizable. It also indicates how much emphasis you place on your brand identity.

Conversely, a logo that’s too small fails to garner attention while an oversized logo appears unbalanced and unprofessional. Finding the right proportions is key for an aesthetically pleasing layout.

Beyond just looks, proper logo sizing impacts user experience. On desktop, a logo sized for legibility allows customers to easily recognize your brand on every page. For mobile visitors, resizing your logo prevents awkward cropping or overflow issues.

Shopify’s Recommended Logo Specs

While Shopify doesn’t prescribe exact dimensions, it does provide recommended guidelines:

  • Maximum image size: 450 x 250 pixels
  • Aspect ratio: Rectangular or square
  • File size: Under 20 MB
  • File type: PNG, JPG

Most themes have customization settings limiting logo width between 200-300 pixels. However, you can manually adjust this using code edits.

Increasing Logo Size in Shopify

Here are three easy ways to configure your Shopify logo size bigger:

1. Via Theme Editor

  • Navigate to Online Store > Themes > Customize
  • Select the Header section
  • Adjust the pixel width under Custom logo width
  • Click Save to apply sizing changes

This method allows incremental logo resizing in most standard Shopify themes. However, you’re limited to theme-defined constraints.

2. Editing Theme Code

For greater size flexibility, you’ll need to modify the theme code:

  • Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit code
  • Search for Sections/Header.liquid
  • Find the max-width property and increase its pixel value
  • Save changes and preview logo adjustment

With code edits, you can set any logo width for a fully customized look.

3. Using Shopify Sections

Alternatively, add a custom logo section using Shopify Sections:

  • Click Online Store > Themes > Customize
  • Scroll down and click Add section
  • Search for Logo and select the appropriate section
  • Upload logo image and define width/height parameters
  • Rearrange sections to move new logo into place

This method lets you incorporate an entirely separate logo with independent sizing. It’s great for adding mobile or secondary logos.

Best Practices for Logo Sizing

When increasing logo size, adhere to these best practices:

  • Maintain high image resolution (300+ dpi)
  • Size for retina/high-density displays
  • Optimize for mobile screens
  • Allow ample white space around logo
  • Ensure page elements don’t overlap
  • Test across devices and browsers

Finding the ideal logo size requires some trial-and-error. Be sure to preview changes across desktop and mobile to achieve responsive design.

Enhance Brand Recognition with Proper Logo Sizing

Configuring logo sizing in Shopify provides merchants much more flexibility compared to traditional web hosting platforms.

Take advantage of the various customization options to fine-tune your logo dimensions. Prioritize visibility without letting your logo dominate the layout. The end result is a Shopify store that instantly establishes brand recognition while delivering a polished user experience.