How to Instantly Find Fashion from Photos

Use Visual Search Engines

Specialized visual search engines have emerged in recent years to meet consumer demand for identifying fashion from photos. Powered by artificial intelligence, these sites allow you to upload images to find similar clothing available for purchase.

My top recommendations are:

  • Google Lens: Google’s advanced image recognition technology can instantly scan photos and find matches from across the web. It’s free and easy to use on mobile.
  • Designed for Instagram, lets you screenshot fashion posts and get direct links to shop the looks. They partner with hundreds of brands.
  • Lykdat: This visual search engine specializes in fashion. Upload any photo and Lykdat will find similar clothing items to buy. Great for discovering exact product matches.

Use Built-In Tools on Retail Sites

Many popular fashion retailers have also integrated visual search directly into their apps and websites. For best results, I suggest trying:

  • ASOS: Their Style Match tool scans photos to instantly pull similar items from ASOS’s vast inventory. It’s lightning fast and accurate.
  • Amazon: The StyleSnap feature in the Amazon app works much like Google Lens. Simply snap a pic or upload images to find matches.
  • Pinterest: The Lens tool identifies objects in pinned images. Tap to see related ideas and items for sale. Great for inspiration.

Optimize Your Search Process

Follow these pro tips when using visual search for fashion:

  • Crop photos to isolate the specific items you want to find. Close-up, high quality images work best.
  • Try multiple tools for the widest search. Results can vary across sites.
  • Use natural light and avoid filters when taking photos to search. Algorithms recognize details like true colors and textures.
  • Save and organize images you want to search in an album. Adding notes on details will also help the search process.

Visual Search Uncovers New Styles

I’m amazed at what visual search engines can dig up that I never would have found on my own. By removing language barriers, it’s easier to discover international brands and boutiques.

I’ve also used visual search to identify rarely-tagged vintage and secondhand fashion. Historical styles can provide a wealth of inspiration for modern looks.

In my work as a stylist, I’ve found visual search to be an incredible asset. It allows me to instantly track down specific items to complete a client’s wardrobe vision.

The technology is advancing rapidly with engines recognizing patterns, fabrics, and even predicting trends. Visual search has unlocked limitless possibilities for fashion inspiration.

As an early adopter back in 2016, I’ve seen visual search tools grow exponentially in capabilities. The results continue to get more accurate and expansive in scope.

I have no doubt that visual search will soon become ubiquitous for online shopping. Even brands like Target are launching their own proprietary image recognition.

Start Snapping Photos to Find Fashion

I hope I’ve convinced you of the magic behind visual fashion search. Finding covetable clothing from photos is easier than ever.

Give some of my recommended apps and sites a try the next time you come across an enviable #OOTD or magazine editorial.

I suggest starting a inspiration folder of saved images. Snap shots of stylish strangers or products in stores. Soon you’ll have a collection of fashion to instantly identify.

As visual search technology progresses, I predict a world where we can shop every single clothing item we see. Augmented reality will allow us to digitally “try on” products just by pointing our camera.

In the meantime, take advantage of the amazing visual engines available today. Happy photo hunting for fashion!