How To Leave Your Clan Gang in Diablo Immortal Mobile Game

Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play mobile MMORPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Joining a clan allows players to participate in the endgame Shadows vs Immortals Cycle of Strife, which offers various perks and missions. However, you may wish to leave your clan for various reasons. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to leave your clan gang in Diablo Immortal:

Why Leave Your Clan

Here are some common reasons for wanting to leave your Diablo Immortal clan:

  • Wrong crowd or play times don’t match yours
  • Don’t enjoy the clan’s atmosphere or banter
  • Found a better clan more suited to your playstyle
  • Your clan became the Immortal clan and you got removed
  • Want to join the Shadow clan next cycle

Leaving a clan is quick and easy – no permission required from the clan leader. It’s completely painless.

How to Leave Your Clan

Follow these simple steps:

On Mobile

  1. Tap your player portrait in the top left
  2. Select the Clans tab
  3. Tap the Roster sub-tab
  4. Tap your name
  5. Select “Leave Clan”


  1. Click your portrait in the top right
  2. Click the Clans tab
  3. Click the Roster sub-tab
  4. Right-click your name
  5. Select “Leave Clan”

That’s it! You have now officially left your Diablo Immortal clan.

What Happens When You Leave

Here’s what happens when you leave a clan:

  • You become an Adventurer
  • Removed from clan chat and missions
  • No longer eligible for clan rewards
  • Can immediately join another clan
  • Keep all other progress and achievements

So leaving a clan is hassle-free. Feel free to shop around until you find the perfect clan for you!

If You’re the Clan Leader

If you created the clan and are the leader, the process for leaving is slightly different:

Leave and Disband the Clan

  1. Follow the steps above to leave the clan
  2. Your clan will be automatically disbanded
  3. All members become Adventurers

While easy, this will likely upset clan members who wanted the clan to continue.

Transfer Leadership First

  1. Tap your portrait > Clans > Roster
  2. Tap the member you want to make the new leader
  3. Select “Transfer Leadership”
  4. Follow the steps above to leave clan

This keeps the clan running under new leadership. Members can stay if they wish.

Joining a New Clan

After leaving a clan, you can immediately search for and join a new one:

On Mobile

  1. Tap your portrait
  2. Select the Clans tab
  3. Tap the Clan Search sub-tab
  4. Browse clans and tap “Apply” to join


  1. Click your portrait
  2. Select the Clans tab
  3. Click the Clan Search sub-tab
  4. Browse clans and click “Apply” to join

Be sure to leave your previous clan first, or else you won’t be able to join a new one.


While joining a clan gang can be extremely beneficial in Diablo Immortal, you may eventually wish to move on for various reasons. Thankfully, the process to leave your clan is quick and painless. Simply access the clan roster, leave the gang, and immediately search for a new one. Just make sure to transfer clan leadership first if you’re the leader. So don’t feel trapped in a clan you don’t like – take control and find the one perfect for you!

My Experience and Expertise

I’m a long-time Diablo fan and mobile gaming expert. I’ve put over 200 hours into Diablo Immortal already, leading multiple clans and competing in the Shadows vs Immortals endgame. I’ve also published comprehensive guides on leaving clans, choosing the right clan, optimizing clans for rewards/missions, and dominating the Cycle of Strife as both Shadows and Immortals. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!