How to Legally Change Device Name of Your iPhone

Changing the name of your iPhone is a simple process that allows you to customize your device and protect your privacy. As a tech writer and iPhone user for over 5 years, I’ll walk you through the quick steps to legally change your iPhone’s name in iOS.

Why Change Your iPhone’s Name

Here are some great reasons to change your iPhone’s default name:

  • Privacy – Your iPhone’s name is viewable when using Airdrop, Personal Hotspot, or connecting to other devices. Changing it prevents others from seeing your real name.
  • Differentiation – If you have multiple iPhones, changing each name makes it easier to identify which device is which.
  • Personalization – Giving your iPhone a unique name allows you to customize it and make it feel more personal.
  • Security – Using a generic device name rather than your real name provides an extra layer of security if your iPhone is ever lost or stolen.

How to Legally Change Your iPhone’s Name

Changing your iPhone’s name is completely legal and can be done right from your device’s settings in just a few quick steps:

Access Device Settings

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone’s home screen.

Navigate to General Settings

  1. Scroll down and tap General to access general device settings.

Select About Section

  1. Next, choose About from the various setting options.

Tap Device Name

  1. Under About, tap on Name to highlight your iPhone’s current name.

Enter New Name

  1. Delete the current name, type your new preferred name, and tap Done when finished.

That’s all there is to it! Within seconds your iPhone will now display the new name you entered rather than the previous default name.

Where The iPhone Name Appears

Once changed, your customized iPhone name will appear in these locations:

  • Find My iPhone app
  • iTunes or Finder when connected to a computer
  • Personal Hotspot
  • AirDrop
  • Bluetooth connections
  • Wi-Fi networks

So whether you’re tracking your device, sharing files, or connecting to accessories, your new iPhone name will be visible.

Additional Name Customization Options

Beyond changing your iPhone’s name directly on the device, you also have these options:

  • Use iTunes on a Windows PC
  • Use Finder on a Mac
  • Change accessory names in Bluetooth settings

So if you prefer using your computer, the name change process is just as simple through the iTunes or Finder app.

Why Apple Allows Name Changes

Apple realizes many users want to customize their experience and protect their privacy. Since an iPhone’s name is commonly shown to others, they enable users to legally change device names without issue.

As long as you legally own your iPhone, you are free to customize its name based on your personal preference. Apple’s settings make it quick and convenient to do so as often as you like.

So try getting creative and change your iPhone’s name today for extra privacy and personalization! Let me know if you have any other questions.