How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring Action RPG

Elden Ring is an expansive open-world action RPG that offers players countless hours of exploration, challenging enemies and bosses, deep character customization and progression. However, leveling up your character can be a slow and grinding process. This article provides tips and strategies for how to level up fast in Elden Ring so you can take on the game’s toughest challenges.

Choose the Right Starting Class

Your starting class will determine your initial stats and equipment. While you can eventually mold your character build however you like through leveling, choosing a class that matches your intended playstyle will give you an early advantage. For example, the Samurai starts with decent Dexterity and access to the uchigatana katana, making it a good pick if you plan on a Dex/bleed build.

Prioritize Vigor Early On

Vigor determines your health and survivability. Having low vigor early on will make you very vulnerable. Try to get it to at least 20-30 as soon as possible, then continue leveling it throughout the game. Surviving enemy encounters and not dying repeatedly is key to building up runes efficiently.

Use Rune Buffs

There are several items that can boost the amount of runes you earn from killing enemies. These include:

  • Golden Scarab Talisman – Boosts runes earned by 20%
  • Golden Fowl Foot – Temporarily boosts runes earned by 30%
  • Silver Fowl Foot – Temporarily boosts runes earned by 10%

Use these items when farming to maximize your rune acquisition.

Repeatedly Clear Dungeons/Mini-Dungeons

Limgrave and Liurnia have many catacombs, caves and mines littered with enemies and bosses. These mini-dungeons respawn when you rest at a Site of Grace, allowing you to repeatedly clear them to farm runes and items. Choose a dungeon you find easy and quick to farm repeatedly.

Farm Early Game Bosses

Early game bosses like Flying Dragon Agheel, Tibia Mariner and Cemetery Shade can be easily farmed once you’ve beaten them once. They give thousands of runes and can often be reached and defeated quickly with the right strategy.

Take Advantage of Rune Loss Retrieval

When you die, your runes remain on the spot you died which you can retrieve. Purposefully “losing” your runes by dying in an area with weak enemies, then returning to retrieve your runes can be an easy farming technique.

Find AFK Farming Spots

There are certain areas where strong enemies continually spawn and fight each other, allowing you to hide safely nearby and collect the runes they drop when dying. Examples include the Bridge of Sacrifice in Morne and the Palace Approach Ledge-Road.

Co-op and Help Others

If you enjoy co-op, placing down summon signs to help other players with bosses and areas is rewarding in both runes and enjoyment. You’ll earn a percentage of the runes the host acquires during your cooperation.

Invade Other Players

Invading and defeating other players via PvP can net you a steady stream of runes if you’re skilled. It also breaks up standard PvE farming for variety.

Use Advanced Combat Mechanics

Mastering critical attacks, guard counters, backstabs, parries and more will let you quickly takedown tough enemies that give lots of runes. Understanding advanced combat makes rune farming more efficient.

Respec Your Build

Don’t be afraid to respec your stats to reallocate points into damage-increasing attributes for your weapons and playstyle. Having an optimized build will let you acquire runes faster.

Activate Great Runes

Getting Great Runes from main bosses and using Rune Arcs to activate their powerful effects can greatly improve your rune acquisition rate through bonuses like boosting attributes or runes earned.

Use Runes for Leveling

While it’s tempting to spend your hard-earned runes on items, focus first on leveling up your character’s stats, especially Vigor. This will make you stronger over time rather than providing just a temporary boost from an item. Get your attributes up before spending excess runes.

With these tips, you’ll be leveling quickly on your journey to become Elden Lord. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find which rune farming methods work best with your playstyle. Good luck, and may grace guide you Tarnished!