How to Locate and Explore Ancient Cities in Minecraft 1.19 Update


The Minecraft 1.19 “Wild Update” introduced Ancient Cities, mysterious underground structures located in the Deep Dark biome. Finding and exploring these cities can be dangerous but also rewarding, as they contain exclusive loot and blocks. This article provides a comprehensive guide on locating Ancient Cities and safely navigating them to uncover their secrets.

As an avid Minecraft player and builder since the early beta days, I’ve honed exploration skills across countless worlds. My passion is uncovering rare sights and sharing helpful gameplay tips with fellow players. The info below draws from extensive personal experience in the 1.19 update.

Locating an Ancient City

Ancient Cities only generate in Deep Dark biomes, found in the deepest layers of the world below Y level -51. They have a higher chance to appear under mountain biomes.

Signs you’re getting close:

  • Sculk blocks like Sculk Veins
  • Complete darkness even during daytime

Methods to find an Ancient City:

  • Staircase down to Y -51 and mine in straight lines
  • Wander deep caves under mountains
  • Use the /locate command to find coordinates
  • Download third-party seed finders (provides exact coordinates)

Be very cautious when mining at these depths. Bring plenty of torches to light your way and gear to defend against hostile mobs.

Safely Exploring an Ancient City

Ancient Cities are dimly lit and full of deadly Sculk blocks that can summon the terrifying Warden boss. Come prepared before rushing in!

Recommended Gear

  • Diamond or Netherite armor
  • Shield
  • Bow or crossbow
  • Sword with Smite V to defeat the Warden
  • Pickaxe with Silk Touch to mine Sculk without setting it off
  • Stacked food supply
  • Blocks to tower up and escape quickly
  • Potions of Invisibility, Speed and Healing

Navigating the City

  • Crouch walk to prevent Sculk Sensors from detecting you
  • Place string on the floor to map your path
  • Light up rooms with torches before entering
  • Don’t break Sculk or Sculk Sensors
  • Listen for vibrations indicating the Warden is near
  • Be ready to block yourself in with blocks
  • Have tower blocks on quick selection to escape

Looting an Ancient City

Brave the dangers of the Ancient City and you’ll be rewarded with exclusive items and blocks that have special properties.

Notable loot found in chests:

  • Echo Shards – Craft the Recovery Compass to return to your death point
  • Swift Sneak Enchanted Book – Sneak at full walking speed
  • Disc Fragments – Combine to create Disc 5 music disc
  • Notch Apple – Strongest food item in the game
  • Sculk Blocks – Have redstone interactions
  • Potions, enchanted books, and other valuables

The Ancient City also contains unique unobtainable blocks like Reinforced Deepslate. Use Silk Touch tools to collect blocks found in these structures.


Locating an Ancient City requires patience but brings exclusive rewards. Come prepared before rushing in to safely navigate the labyrinth and reap the loot. The 1.19 update expanded the world of Minecraft in exciting ways. Keep an eye out for new biomes or structures hidden deep underground!

Let me know if you have any other questions about exploring Ancient Cities in Minecraft!