How To Mirror and Cast an iPad Tablet Screen to an Apple Mac Computer

Mirroring or casting the screen of your iPad to a Mac allows you to view iPad content on a larger display. This can be useful for demonstrations, presentations, drawing tutorials, and more. There are a few different methods to achieve iPad to Mac mirroring, both wired and wireless.


Before mirroring your iPad to your Mac, ensure:

  • Both devices are on the same local WiFi network
  • Bluetooth is enabled on both devices
  • Devices are updated to the latest OS versions (macOS and iPadOS)
  • Mac and iPad are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID (for AirPlay)

Wired Mirroring Via USB

Connecting your iPad directly to your Mac via USB cable allows for wired mirroring:

  • Connect iPad to Mac using USB cable
  • Open QuickTime Player on your Mac
  • Click File > New Movie Recording
  • Next to the record button, click the down arrow and select your connected iPad
  • iPad display will now mirror directly on your Mac in a QuickTime window


  • Low latency wired connection
  • Charges your iPad


  • Occupies Mac’s USB port
  • Requires cable connection

Wireless Mirroring Via AirPlay

The AirPlay protocol allows for wireless mirroring over WiFi:

  • Ensure Mac and iPad are on same WiFi network
  • Swipe down from top right of iPad to open Control Center
  • Tap Screen Mirroring icon
  • Select your Mac from list of available devices
  • Allow AirPlay connection on Mac if prompted
  • iPad screen will now mirror wirelessly to Mac display


  • Completely wireless
  • Allows device mobility


  • Potential for lag/latency issues
  • Requires more setup steps

Using Third-Party Apps

There are also third-party apps like Reflector and AirServer that provide advanced wireless mirroring with low latency:

  • Download and install app on your Mac
  • Ensure iPad and Mac are on same WiFi
  • Open app and select iPad for mirroring
  • Higher performance than AirPlay mirroring


  • Very low latency
  • Extra features like recording


  • Requires paid app purchase
  • Potential compatibility issues

Mirroring While Using Your Mac

When mirroring your iPad to your Mac display, it will typically occupy the entire screen, preventing you from using other Mac apps at the same time.

There are a couple options to display the iPad in a window while maintaining use of your Mac:

  • QuickTime – Provides windowed view of iPad
  • Third-party apps – Allow resizable iPad mirroring window

This allows you to mirror your iPad while continuing work on your Mac.

Fixing Mirroring Issues

If you encounter issues getting your iPad to successfully mirror to your Mac, try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart both devices
  • Ensure WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled
  • Move devices closer together
  • Disable/re-enable AirPlay on both devices
  • Check for OS, app, or driver updates
  • Reset network settings on both devices

In most cases, iPad to Mac mirroring issues can be resolved through restarting, software updates, or reviewing network/connection settings.


Whether you need to demonstrate an app, deliver a presentation, collaborate on a document, or utilize a second screen, mirroring your iPad to your Mac is easy with the right steps. AirPlay provides a quick wireless option, while wired USB connections and third-party apps offer maximum performance and reliability. With the methods outlined here, you’ll be able to cast your iPad screen to your Mac with ease.