How to Mute All Participants in Google Meet Calls

Google Meet is a popular video conferencing platform that allows users to meet virtually for meetings, events, classes and more. As a meeting host or organizer, you may sometimes need to mute all participants at once to avoid unnecessary background noise or disruptions. Here’s a guide on how to mute all participants in Google Meet calls.

Who Can Mute All Participants

The ability to mute all participants at once is only available to certain users:

  • For personal Google accounts, only the meeting creator (the person who scheduled the meeting) can mute all participants
  • For G Suite accounts, meeting creators, calendar event owners, or people who set up the meeting on conference room hardware can mute all participants
  • For education G Suite accounts, the above users as well as teachers in the domain can mute all participants

So if you scheduled the meeting or own the calendar event, you will have the option to mute all participants.

Mute All Participants on Desktop

Muting all participants on desktop is easy:

  1. Join the Google Meet call on your computer
  2. Click on the “People” icon in the bottom right corner
  3. Click on “Mute all”

All participants will now be muted. They can unmute themselves whenever needed.

Mute all participants

Mute All Participants on Mobile

To mute all participants on mobile:

  1. Tap on the 3-dot menu while in a call
  2. Select Host controls
  3. Toggle Mute all to on

This will mute all mobile and dial-in participants. Like on desktop, they can unmute themselves.

Mute all on mobile

Using Chrome Extensions to Mute All

There are also Google Chrome extensions that allow you to easily mute all participants with one click:

These provide easy access to muting all participants if you don’t have host controls.

Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves

When you mute all participants, they have the ability to unmute themselves whenever needed. This avoids them having to interrupt the meeting to ask the host to unmute them.

However, if you need participants to remain muted, consider turning off their ability to unmute in the Google Meet settings. Just know they would then need the host to unmute them when they want to speak.


Being able to mute all participants can help avoid unwanted background noise during classes, meetings and events. Just remember that this ability is limited to meeting creators, organizers and teachers in G Suite domains.

With the desktop controls, mobile host options or Chrome extensions, muting everyone is easy. And allowing participants to self-unmute makes sure the meeting flows smoothly without constant interruptions.

Muting all participants is an important tool for any Google Meet host to control their meeting environment. Use these tips to master muting participants and host better video calls!