How to Obtain and Use Netherite Ingots in Minecraft Survival Game

What is Netherite?

Netherite is a rare material introduced in Minecraft 1.16 that is used to upgrade diamond gear. It is obtained by mining ancient debris in the Nether and crafting it with gold ingots. Netherite gear has higher durability and enchantability than diamond.

Features of Netherite Gear

  • More durable than diamond
  • Higher enchantability than diamond
  • Fire and lava resistant
  • Can be repaired with netherite ingots
  • Floats in lava so you don’t lose it if you die

Obtaining Ancient Debris

Ancient debris is an ore found in the Nether that is required to obtain netherite. Here is how to get it:

Locating Ancient Debris

  • Spawns at levels 8-22 in the Nether
  • Use beds or TNT for efficient mining at level 15
  • Each debris gives 2-4 netherite scrap when smelted

Mining Ancient Debris

  • Must mine with diamond pickaxe or better
  • Drops nothing if mined with wrong tool
  • Resistant to explosions from beds or TNT
  • Use beds or TNT to expose hidden debris

Obtaining Netherite Scrap

Smelt ancient debris in a furnace or blast furnace to obtain netherite scrap:

  • Each ancient debris smelts into 1 netherite scrap
  • Requires at least 4 scrap to craft 1 ingot

Crafting Netherite Ingots

Once you have netherite scrap, craft it into ingots:

What You Need:

  • 4 netherite scrap
  • 4 gold ingots

Crafting Steps:

  1. Open crafting table
  2. Add 4 netherite scrap
  3. Add 4 gold ingots in remaining slots
  4. Craft netherite ingot

Using Netherite to Upgrade Gear

The main use for netherite ingots is to upgrade diamond gear. Here is how:

What You Need:

  • Diamond tool/armor/weapon
  • 1 netherite ingot
  • Smithing table

Upgrade Steps:

  1. Craft a smithing table if you don’t have one
  2. Place diamond item in first slot
  3. Place 1 netherite ingot in second slot
  4. Take upgraded netherite item out of output slot

Upgraded netherite gear will retain its enchantments and repair ability but gain improved durability and other properties.

Making New Netherite Gear

You can also craft brand new netherite tools, weapons and armor using netherite ingots:


  • Replace diamonds with netherite ingots in crafting recipes


  • Helmet – 5 ingots
  • Chestplate – 8 ingots
  • Leggings – 7 ingots
  • Boots – 4 ingots

Using Netherite Blocks

Netherite blocks provide the highest blast resistance in Minecraft and can be used to craft beacons and respawn anchors.

  • Craft with 9 ingots in a crafting table
  • Can fuel beacons at maximum power
  • Needed to build respawn anchors

Tips for Survival Mode

Here are some tips when using netherite gear in survival:

  • Prioritize upgrading pickaxe first
  • Combine enchanted diamond gear with ingots
  • Carry spare ingots to repair gear
  • Store netherite gear safely when not using
  • Use netherite blocks sparingly

With the durable and enchantable properties of netherite, obtaining and upgrading to this gear is a top priority for survival mode players in Minecraft. Follow this guide to use this rare material effectively on your gear and builds.