How To Permanently Block Email Senders in Yahoo Mail Service Inbox

Blocking unwanted email senders is an effective way to reduce spam and stay organized in Yahoo Mail. Once a sender is blocked, all future emails from that address will automatically go to your spam folder. You can also choose to permanently delete existing emails from blocked senders.

Follow these steps to block and unblock email senders in Yahoo Mail:

Block an Email Sender

  1. Open Yahoo Mail and locate an email from the sender you wish to block
  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis (⋮) icon next to Reply, Forward, etc. A dropdown menu will appear
  3. Select Block Sender
  4. In the pop-up window:
  • Check the box to Delete all existing emails from this sender (optional)
  • Check the box to Send all future emails to Spam
  • Click OK to confirm

Once blocked, the sender’s emails will skip your inbox and go straight to spam.

Unblock a Sender

  1. Click on the Settings icon (gear shape)
  2. Select More settings
  3. Click on Security and privacy in the left sidebar
  4. Under the Blocked addresses section, locate the blocked sender
  5. Click on the trash can icon next to the email address
  6. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up window

The sender’s future emails will now arrive in your inbox again.

Blocking Email Domains

You can use the steps above to block individual email addresses. To block an entire domain (

  1. Go to Settings > More settings
  2. Click Security and privacy
  3. Under “Block unwanted sender domains”, click Add
  4. Enter the domain you want to block
  5. Click Save

Managing Blocked Senders

  • To view your blocked senders list, go to Settings > Security and privacy > Blocked addresses
  • Click the trash icon to unblock individual addresses
  • Click the Add button to manually block additional senders
  • You can block up to 1000 individual email addresses

Tips for Managing Spam

  • Check your spam folder regularly for false positives
  • Report spam messages to help train Yahoo’s filters
  • Avoid signing up to sketchy sites that may sell your address
  • Use unique email addresses for online services
  • Set up email filters to automatically delete or file certain messages

Blocking frequent spam senders is an easy way to clean up your Yahoo inbox. Just be sure to periodically review your blocked list to re-enable contacts if needed.