How to Restore and Read Deleted Messages in Telegram Messenger Apps

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps, allowing users to exchange messages, media, files and make calls securely. However, users sometimes accidentally delete important Telegram messages that they later need to restore.

Fortunately, there are several methods to recover deleted Telegram messages, even if you don’t have a backup. This article outlines the top techniques to restore deleted messages on Telegram.

Why Restore Deleted Telegram Messages

Here are some common reasons why you may need to restore deleted Telegram messages:

  • Accidentally deleted an important message or conversation
  • Deleted a message and later realized you need it
  • Lost valuable media or files exchanged on Telegram
  • Want to access old conversations for reference
  • Need to recover deleted messages for legal or compliance purposes

Restoring deleted Telegram messages allows you to regain access to lost information and conversations.

Can You Recover Deleted Telegram Messages?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted Telegram messages in most cases by:

  • Using Telegram’s built-in Undo Delete feature
  • Exporting Telegram data from the Desktop app
  • Checking Telegram’s app cache and images folder
  • Using third-party Android data recovery apps
  • Restoring device backups containing Telegram data

However, messages deleted from both sides can’t be recovered.

8 Methods to Restore Deleted Telegram Messages

Follow these methods to recover deleted messages, chats, media files on Telegram:

1. Use Telegram’s Undo Delete Feature

  • Delete a message and tap Undo within 5 seconds to restore it.
  • Only works for recently deleted messages.

2. Export Telegram Data from Desktop App

  • Install Telegram Desktop, go to Settings > Advanced > Export Telegram Data.
  • Select the deleted chats/messages and tap Export.
  • Open export_results.html to view deleted conversations.

3. Check Telegram’s Images Folder

  • Go to Internal Storage > Telegram > Telegram Images folder.
  • Deleted images may still be available here.

4. Look in Telegram’s Cache Folder

  • Go to Android > Data > org.telegram.messenger > Cache
  • Deleted messages and media may exist in cache.

5. Use Android Data Recovery Software

  • Use software like EaseUS MobiSaver to scan device and find deleted Telegram data.
  • Allows recovering messages, chats, contacts, media files.

6. Restore iTunes or iCloud Backup

  • Restore iTunes or iCloud backup containing Telegram data to retrieve deleted information.

7. Install a Notification History App

  • Apps like AirDroid record notifications, allowing you to view deleted messages.

8. Contact Telegram Support

  • Ask Telegram to attempt retrieval of deleted messages from their servers.
  • Limited chances of success for non-recent deletions.

Tips for Avoiding Message Loss

Follow these tips to prevent losing important Telegram messages:

  • Be careful when deleting messages and enable Undo Delete.
  • Frequently export chat history from Telegram Desktop.
  • Backup your device data regularly to iTunes or iCloud.
  • Use a notification history app to record all Telegram activity.
  • Save important media/files from Telegram to another location.


Accidentally losing valuable Telegram messages can be frustrating. Thankfully, this guide has outlined several practical techniques to recover deleted Telegram data. Using Telegram’s built-in features, desktop app, cache folder, or third-party software allows you to restore lost chats, messages, media files and contacts in most cases. Additionally, regularly backing up your device and enabling options like Undo Delete can help avoid permanent data loss.