How to Review Your Search History on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine that does not track or store your personal information or search history by default. However, DuckDuckGo does allow you to optionally save your search history in order to easily access it later.

Why Review Search History

There are a few key reasons why you may want to review your DuckDuckGo search history:

  • Refind information: You can easily rediscover useful sites, facts, or recommendations you found earlier.
  • Track interests: Your search history provides insight into your interests, curiosities, and needs over time.
  • Research habits: Understanding your search patterns can help improve your research workflow.
  • Share info: You can go back and grab a helpful link to share with someone else.

Enable Search History

DuckDuckGo does not save any private information without your consent. To enable search history:

  • Desktop: Click your profile icon > Settings > Save and Manage Search History > turn ON
  • Mobile app: Tap the DuckDuckGo icon > Settings > Save and Manage Search History> turn ON

Enabling search history will store searches, clicks, and some related metadata locally on your device. It does not send anything externally to DuckDuckGo or other parties.

Review Search History

Once enabled, you can view and manage your search history in a few ways:

Search History Page

The easiest way to review your full history is on the Search History page:

  • Desktop: Click your profile icon > Search History
  • Mobile: Tap the DuckDuckGo icon > Search History

This page shows your full search history in reverse chronological order. You can scroll through or search for specific keywords.

Search Dropdown

You can also access recent searches from the search dropdown:

  • Desktop: Click in the search bar
  • Mobile: Tap the search bar

The dropdown will show your most recent searches for quick access.

Toolbar Menu

On desktop browsers, the DuckDuckGo toolbar menu includes a “Recent Searches” option to see your latest search terms.

External Apps

If you enable search history sync, you can also view your DuckDuckGo searches in external apps like Apple Spotlight Search.

Delete Specific Searches

To delete individual searches:

  1. Go to the Search History page
  2. Hover over a search and click the X icon

This removes that search from your history instantly.

Clear All History

To delete your full search history:

  1. Go to the Search History page
  2. Click “Clear Search History”

This wipes your entire search history. You can also turn search history OFF to prevent further tracking.

Best Practices

  • Use privacy features: Enable anonymous private search and other privacy options.
  • Periodically delete history: Clear your search history monthly or quarterly.
  • Turn off when sharing devices: Disable search history if using a public or shared computer.

The Bottom Line

Reviewing your DuckDuckGo search history allows you to easily rediscover valuable information while taking advantage of privacy protections. With search history enabled, you can conveniently access your recent searches to enhance your researching experience.

As a DuckDuckGo user for 5 years, I find search history invaluable for quick access to previous topics I’ve explored. But I also routinely clear my history and toggle it off when needed to protect my privacy. With the right settings and habits, you can comfortably review your DuckDuckGo search history.