How To Screen Mirror Android Mobile Device Display to a Mac Computer

Screen mirroring your Android mobile device display to a Mac computer allows you to view content from your Android device on a larger screen. This can be useful for sharing photos/videos with others, making presentations, or simply enjoying content on a bigger display.

Why Screen Mirror Android to Mac?

Here are some of the main reasons you may want to screen mirror your Android device to a Mac:

  • Share content easily – Photos, videos, documents etc. can be easily shared with others by mirroring to the larger display
  • Make presentations – Mirror your Android display for easy presenting from your device
  • Enjoy content on bigger screen – Get more immersive experience by viewing videos, games, and other media on a larger display
  • Work seamlessly between devices – View notifications, messages etc. from your Android device while working on your Mac

Methods to Screen Mirror Android to Mac

There are a few different methods you can use to screen mirror your Android device display to a Mac computer.

Using Third-Party Apps

Several third-party apps allow wireless screen mirroring between Android devices and Macs. Some popular options include:

  • AirServer – Paid app that works smoothly to mirror Android screens to Mac
  • Reflector – Allows easy wireless mirroring from Android devices to Mac and other platforms
  • LetsView – Free app for Android screen mirroring with low latency
  • ApowerMirror – Feature-rich app for Android screen casting to Mac and Windows

These apps work by installing software on both the Android device and the Mac. Once installed, you can wirelessly connect the two and mirror the Android display in real-time.

Connect with USB Cable

You can also connect your Android device to your Mac using a USB cable and mirror the display that way. This offers a more reliable wired connection rather than wireless.

Some apps like AirDroid include this USB display mirroring feature alongside their wireless casting options.

Use Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast device connected to your TV/display, you can cast your Android screen directly to the Chromecast. The mirrored content will then show up on the larger display connected to the Chromecast.

This is a fully wireless option but requires you to have a separate Chromecast hardware device.

Setting Up Screen Mirroring on Android and Mac

The setup process will differ slightly depending on which screen mirroring method you choose. But here is an overview of the general setup process:

  1. Download and install the necessary screen mirroring app(s) on your Android device and Mac
  2. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network if using wireless mirroring
  3. Launch the screen mirroring app on both devices
  4. The Mac should provide a screen mirroring option for you to select on the Android device
  5. Choose the Mac for mirroring on the Android device to initiate screen casting

Some troubleshooting may be required if the devices fail to connect properly at first. Rebooting the devices and router if using Wi-Fi can help. Also ensure no firewalls are actively blocking connections.

Tips for Smooth Screen Mirroring Experience

Here are some useful tips to ensure your Android screen mirroring to Mac works well:

  • Keep both devices updated and restart them before mirroring
  • Disable battery optimization and power saving on Android device
  • Stay close to the router if using Wi-Fi to prevent lag/disconnections
  • Use 5Ghz Wi-Fi band for faster data transfers between devices
  • Close resource-heavy apps on Android device before mirroring
  • Mirror less resource-intensive content like images/audio rather than video streaming

Following these best practices will deliver the best possible mirroring experience. Some trial and error may be needed to fine-tune things fully for your setup.


Screen mirroring your Android device display to a Mac computer opens up lots of great use cases thanks to the larger screen real estate. Whether you want to share content with others, make engaging presentations, or simply view material on a bigger display, Android to Mac screen mirroring helps tremendously.

With the choice of robust third-party apps, USB connections, or Chromecast, getting setup is straightforward. And optimizing performance is possible by following some general best practices. Give Android to Mac screen mirroring a try today to enhance how you use both devices!