How to Screenshot Netflix on Any Device

Netflix actively blocks screenshots and recording due to copyright and piracy concerns. However, there are some workarounds that technically allow you to capture still images from Netflix video streams under fair use exemptions. Reasons why you may want to screenshot Netflix include:

  • Sharing favorite scenes or quotes with friends
  • Creating memes or other transformative artwork
  • Commenting on video content for reviews or critique

Note: Commercial use of Netflix screenshots likely violates their terms of service. Proceed with caution and avoid mass distribution of copyrighted content.


On Desktop

There are a few methods to screenshot Netflix on a desktop browser like Chrome or Firefox:

Turn off Hardware Acceleration

  1. Open browser settings
  2. Find “Use hardware acceleration” option
  3. Disable acceleration
  4. Refresh Netflix tab
  5. Use native screenshot tools

With hardware acceleration off, Netflix cannot block screenshots at the GPU level.

Browser Extensions

  • Fireshot – Chrome extension that takes customizable screenshots
  • Awesome Screenshot – Firefox extension for annotations and edits

Save screenshots to local device only. Browser extensions may stop working as Netflix updates code to block them.

Sandbox Browser

  • Sandboxie – Runs browsers in isolated environments on Windows
  • Allows otherwise blocked actions like screenshotting
  • Set up a sandbox browser solely for Netflix

On Mobile

Taking screenshots of the Netflix mobile app is very difficult due to strict DRM protections:

  • Android – Requires root/custom ROM. Use an older version of the app or specialized screenshot apps. Accessibility features may need to be enabled each time.
  • iOS – Generally not possible even with jailbreak.


If technical methods don’t work or you want higher quality results, consider:

  • Searching online for official stills released by Netflix or production companies
  • Screenshot on desktop browser, transfer screenshot file to phone
  • Take photo of screen with another camera


Screenshotting Netflix requires workarounds that may stop working, but can enable fair use cases like commentary and criticism. Avoid commercial use or mass distribution. On mobile devices, it remains very challenging if not impossible on locked platforms like iOS.

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