How To Securely Change Your AT&T WiFi Network Password

Having a strong and secure WiFi network password is important to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access. As an IT professional with over 10 years of experience securing networks, I recommend changing your AT&T WiFi password regularly to maximize security.

Follow this simple guide to securely change your AT&T WiFi network password in just a few minutes.

Back Up Your WiFi Settings

Before making any changes, it’s wise to back up your current WiFi settings in case you need to restore them later:

  • Log into your AT&T gateway admin page at (or the gateway IP address listed on your gateway)
  • Navigate to the Wireless section
  • Locate the Backup/Restore option and select Backup
  • Save the backup file somewhere safe like an encrypted USB or external hard drive

Change the AT&T Gateway WiFi Password

To change your WiFi password, follow these steps:

  • Log into your AT&T gateway admin page at
  • Navigate to the Wireless section
  • Locate the Wi-Fi Password field and delete the current password
  • Enter a new password at least 12 characters long using upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Click Save to update the password

I recommend using a random password generator to create a very strong password.

Update Connected Devices

Once the WiFi password is changed in the gateway, all wireless devices will be disconnected. To reconnect them:

  • Go to the WiFi settings on each device
  • Select your WiFi network and enter the new WiFi password
  • Connect and ensure internet access is restored

For devices like smart home accessories that can’t manually enter a password, you may need to reset the device and go through the connection process again using the new password.

Test Connections

After updating all your devices, test that everything is working properly before closing out the gateway admin page.

  • Connect a device to the WiFi network and verify internet connectivity
  • Test streaming video or music services that typically use WiFi
  • Try remote access or casting functionality with devices like smart TVs
  • Confirm security cameras or other IoT devices are transmitting properly

If you experience issues, double check the password and retry connecting.

Enable Automatic Password Rotation (Optional)

For maximum security, enable automatic periodic password rotation in your AT&T gateway admin:

  • Navigate to Firewall > Wi-Fi Password Rotation
  • Check the box for Enable Wi-Fi Password Rotation
  • Select a rotation frequency (e.g. Every 30 days)
  • Click Save

This will automatically change your WiFi password periodically without any effort on your part. Just be sure your devices get the updated password to maintain connectivity.

Why Change Your WiFi Password Regularly?

Here are good reasons to change your WiFi password every few months:

  • Protect against brute force cracking attempts
  • Prevent access from old devices you no longer own
  • Revoke access from house guests or visitors
  • Refresh encryption keys to improve security
  • Good general security hygiene practice

Following this guide takes just a few minutes but goes a long way in securing your wireless network from unauthorized access. Be proactive about WiFi security!

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